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The Unwanteds (Unwanteds, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA dystopian series takes place in desert, creativity is banned, secret hidden world, kids thrown in tar pit(?). [s]

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Lizzie | 2 comments I remember a book series taking place in a dystopian future with I believe ranks of social classes, a lower/labor force rank, and intellectual rank and a high-up government/military rank. Takes place in a sort of desert-like region? Kids are not allowed to do anything creative like draw, sing, dance, etc, but are prided on practical knowledge of mathematics or on athletic ability. The narrator is a boy with a twin brother who is smart enough to be part of the higher rank and is trying to get into the good graces of the ruler in this future, a woman in a President Snow like position who everyone must answer to. The boy is bad in school and I believe is caught drawing in the dirt outside of his home with a stick, which is forbidden. I think his brother turns him in to show his loyalty to the government. When the boy is turned in, he gets sent on a bus with a group of other kids who broke the rules (caught drawing, dancing, etc.) and are brought to a boiling tar pit(?) or something along those lines to be killed. However, when thrown in the pit they get magically transformed to a hidden other world where it’s discovered there are people who want to hone their creative skills and use their power to stop the dystopian regime in the other world. The kids basically find out that they’re magic and attend school in the hidden world to become sort of like superheroes(?) I unfortunately can’t remember much past this, but if anyone remembers of has any more detail it would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!!

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Lizzie | 2 comments yes, that was it!!! thank you so much

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Rosa (rosaiglarsh) | 5088 comments Wonderful! You're very welcome.

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