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School of Fear (School of Fear, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. A book about a group of misfits that go to a reform school. [s]

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Help | 3 comments Okay I really need help it’s been bugging me for a few years now. So theres a group of kids, I can only really remember a goth girl and her possible love interest pretty boy, (which I vaguely remember being described as surfer looking in what I believe is the second book). There is art in the book it looks like a Tim burton knockoff. The story follows the kids in their attempts to leave this sort of reform school where their parents had left them during the summer before school starts. It is a series, I remember one major plot point of one of the books was that there was a new girl in the school, who was strange and later disliked and she was allergic to peanuts, to combat that she would give her food to her ferret who was also allergic to peanuts so if he died she knew not to eat the food. I read this book around 2013-2014. Thank you!

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Help | 3 comments Also I should add I saw it first on Myon and also I remember the kids going to high school.

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Olivia | 4 comments Sounds like the School of Fear series by Gitty Daneshvari! A group of kids have weird phobias and are trying to get cured.

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Help | 3 comments It actually is that book!!! Thank you so much omg!!! You’re the best!!!!

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