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Midnight for Charlie Bone (The Children of the Red King, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA Fiction - Boy who finds out he's magic. [s]

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Cassandra Barsby | 31 comments Boy, aged 10/11 years old. Named Charlie Bucket or Charlie ...?
He somehow finds out he has magic. His mum wants to send him to the magic school. Maybe a boarding school? I think she can't afford his uniforms so ends up sewing some of them, along with his grandma. He has a wand i think.

I dunno, I think I remember him getting bullied and picked on walking to and from school so maybe I'm mixing two different books up, potentially he walked home on Friday's. It was a series, came out maybe mid 2000's. Read in maybe 2005-2011. Sorry, I probably read the series more than once. Seemed a bit like Harry Potter, but maybe set in America in modern day.

Cassandra Barsby | 31 comments SOLVED: Funnily enough, the second I posted this I had the impression his name was Charlie Bone

Children of The Red King Series, by Jenny Nimmo

Cassandra Barsby | 31 comments I can't change it to the solved category, theres a popup ad in the way. 😕

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Midnight for Charlie Bone for the link.

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