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The Black Tattoo
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Guy gets transported to the afterlife by a giant bird and gets addicted to eating it's vomit and God has abandoned earth. [s]

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message 1: by Kate (new)

Kate Chessy (katechessy) | 3 comments I got this book from the school library in the 8th grade (2008-2009), and I am pretty sure it has to banned by now. The details are a little fuzzy since it's been a long time, but here is what I remember:

-the cover had a girl with a dragon tattoo, but the book was 100% not "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo"
-This guy (I don't remember if he was a kid or adult) wakes up with a giant bird-like creature in his window who vomits into his mouth, and then (I think) transports him to this other realm that resembles some sort of afterlife. There are all sorts of different creatures in this realm.
-Everyone eats the bird vomit in a big dining hall, and it supposedly starts tasting very good- like the best food they've ever had. This I think is a way to keep everyone in this realm, and if you get to used to eating the bird vomit you'll be stuck there forever.
-One of the biggest plot points is the main dude finds God in a library and he is the frail old man, who has abandoned the world and left humans to their own devices.
-The guy eventually makes it back to the real world, and he misses eating bird vomit.
-The bird vomit is definitely not the biggest plot point of the story, but for some reason, it's the part my 8th-grade brain latched on to and kept the memory of the most.
-There is also a girl in this story, who was trained to be a fighter her whole life. I don't remember how she fits into the plot, but there is a very vivid scene where she is punching at wooden stakes in the wall and bleeding everywhere, as part of her training.

I don't even know what "genre" this would qualify as, or how something as nihilistic and graphic got into the hands of a 12-year-old. I know this is probably a long shot, but it haunts me, so it was worth a try.

message 3: by Kate (new)

Kate Chessy (katechessy) | 3 comments Robert wrote: "The Black Tattoo?" OMG YES!!!! THIS HAS BEEN PLAUGING ME FOR YEARS!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT GOT SOLVED THIS FAST!!

message 4: by Kate (new)

Kate Chessy (katechessy) | 3 comments Robert wrote: "The Black Tattoo?"
Also, after reading the original description of the book I'm kind of amazed that you figured it out from my terrible description. You are my hero<3

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