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Ellen | 2133 comments In an attempt to help her Alzheimer afflicted mother recover lost memories, scientist Helena Smith has invented a chair that will hopefully bring one's past life into the present with clarity. The stunning prototype is coveted by a reclusive billionaire who hires Helena to help realize the chair's full potential; resetting the past to make it better. What occurs, however, is a 'disease' called FMS, or false memory syndrome, giving people memories of lives that are not their own. NY police detective Barry Sutton would gladly immerse himself in FMS in order to prevent the greatest tragedy of his life, the death of his daughter. Eventually Helena and Barry team up to try to keep her invention from causing world-wide chaos and a potential nuclear war.

This book is like "Groundhog Day" on steroids. I appreciate the author's vivid imagination and the tension of the story. I believe the fault lies with me as I cannot seem to grasp concepts outside of my comfort zone. The story is a thrill ride but I found myself lost in the technology.

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David Putnam (davidputnam) | 279 comments Nice review this one is on my TBR pile. ;-o

Meli (melihooker) | 3225 comments I loved this, gave it a solid 5 stars.

I agree, there is a point in the book in particular where it is like Groundhog's day, but I think it was to drive home the monotonous cycle of their mission. Although, I wouldn't say the why would negate the feeling of redundancy for some readers.

I was enraptured!

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Joi (missjoious) | 3809 comments So many good reviews for this one- I need to prioritize it!

Meli (melihooker) | 3225 comments Joi wrote: "So many good reviews for this one- I need to prioritize it!"

If it helps any, I thought it was a fast read.

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Karin | 6994 comments Good review--I gave this 3.7 stars and rounded it up. I hadn't though of it like Groundhog day for reasons I don't want to write here due to spoilers. I liked this better than Dark Matter even though they are equally "believable".

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