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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

Tell us about your blogs and how you got started blogging. Brag all you want!

message 2: by Renna Mira (AKA Enna Isilee) (last edited Mar 21, 2008 09:05AM) (new)

Renna Mira (AKA Enna Isilee) (enna_isilee) | 1 comments I only have one blog: where I review books and talk about bookish things.

Not much to brag abour. I started after meeting some other bloggers and I've been slowly trying to build a name for myself. I've gotten a few e-mails from authors, asking me to review their books.

message 3: by Madam (new)

Madam (jwballard) My blog is BFE Girl, which profiles my often-difficult life in the country with my better half, The Banshe. It's not the country that's hard, it's The Banshe (although I'm probably not built for live-in relationships).

Reader discretion advised: I tend toward the profane.

I also comment on books I've read and will soon be putting up my (several) catalogs.

message 4: by Emily (new)

Emily Beeson | 1 comments I have two blogs. is a group blog where we recommend great books that are free of sex and profanity. We post a couple book reviews each week and sometimes do interviews and giveaways.

My more personal blog is where I talk about picture books and my adventures as an aspiring children's writer.

message 5: by Abbeville (new)

Abbeville Press (abbevillepress) | 2 comments We're a publishing house based in New York, and we, too, have a blog of our own!

We blog about our upcoming books, events we hold, other websites we like, etc. Get insight from inside the publishing industry with our blog.

message 6: by Suziqoregon (new)

Suziqoregon I have three blogs

The first - is my primary blog about my books and reading. I've had it going for nearly two years now. It started out with the intention of being something just for me and a few friends, but it ended up opening a whole world of fellow book bloggers to me. I've met some great folks through book blogs. The number and variety of 'reading challenges' that are out there in the book blogging world are a lot of fun and have stretched my reading list to new and different genres and authors I might not have read otherwise.

My second blog - is strictly for fun.

The third and least updated blog is where I keep photos of my crocheting and knitting projects

message 7: by Roy (new)

Roy (mplwdscribe) | 1 comments

Content of first blog entry follows:

To blog or not to blog? For my wife and I, the answer to this question was an emphatic YES, followed immediately and diligently by procrastination. Days tend to be pretty full when you're both working full time and coming home to a lively infant on the verge of becoming a high speed toddler. There are only so many hours in the day, and they all seem to be accounted for with a variety of mundane but necessary tasks. During Ava's colicky prime, on the many nights when she would wake up every couple hours between midnight and dawn to remind us of her presence, the thought of extracurricular activity was ludicrous. The only extra that we craved, particularly my wife Erin who shouldered the bulk of the late hours load, was sleep.

Lately though, the concept of sleeping through the night is one that our daughter somewhat regularly embraces. As for the never ending list of chores to be done, having a good system makes them a tad less overwhelming. We don't quite have that system in place yet, but with experience we have slowly but surely improved our time management, making the notion of writing a blog slightly less daunting. And so here I sit, scribbling our introductory note to the world, or at least to the World Wide Web which is close enough. We have no idea who will find their way here, so will leave that for fate for decide. But whoever reads these words may want to know what has brought Erin and I to the world of blogging. A paraphrase of one of our favorite quotes provides the motive - "A line a day".

You see, Erin and I are both artists. She is a painter and I am a writer. We knew when we got married three years ago that our lives would dramatically change. It was our intention to go from urban apartment dwellers to suburban home owners, and that we did. We agreed to blossom our partnership of two into a family, and after a sometimes brutal and sometimes hilarious period of battling the fertility gods, we happily went the adoption route. We talked frequently about chronicling our experiences during this eventful time, but never quite got around to it. When you're in the process of being poked and prodded, making love in a closet sized room to a cup, and then abandoning that craziness in favor of voluntarily undergoing the Inquisition to prove your worth as future parents, it can take quite a toll on the creative process.

All worked out perfectly in the end. We have a great house in a wonderful community filled with great neighbors, and Ava is the realization of our most beautiful dream. It is so amazing to watch her learn about the world around her, and to learn from the process of being her parents. But the purpose of this blog is not to tell our life story, which you now know several of the highlights of. It is not to blather on about our neighborhood activities, or our house projects, or even to brag about our precocious daughter. These are subjects that we will probably touch on from time to time, but they are peripheral to our main objective. What Erin and I are here for is to make good on the promise we made to ourselves and each other. As stated before and bears repeating, Erin is a painter. I am a writer. Neither of us makes a living at these endeavors, yet it is how we ultimately define ourselves. Without a pen or keypad, my sense of self is lost. Without a paintbrush or pencil in hand, Erin is still a beautiful and compassionate woman whom I love with all my heart. But she would not be the woman that I pledged to spend my life with. She would be someone else. Neither of us wants to be someone else. We want to remain committed to the aspirations that have sustained us for most of our lives. We want to tell stories with words and brushstrokes. Our wish is for the pages and canvases of our lives to be routinely covered with the magic that only we can make.

It is much too easy and common to give up on your dreams. The far more difficult and worthwhile path is to rage against the machine of inertia. No doubt there are others out there who seek inspiration and motivation to continue their own noble pursuits. Perhaps by striving to provide this for those who happen by, we will simultaneously re-discover it for ourselves. John Lennon once wisely noted that life is what happens while you're busy making other plans. Other plans can be all consuming, but Erin and I refuse to be gobbled alive. Instead we will live, she through her painting and I through my writing, and both of us through each other and Ava and whatever other miracles the future may have in store. This blog will be the testament to our will power. Here you will find our opinions, observations, theories and philosophies about the things we are most passionate about. And above all else, you will discover our art.

Goodbye for now. We are off to create stories and pictures that will hopefully add to the beauty of the world.

message 8: by Kelly (new)

Kelly Allen (kellylaurenallen) | 1 comments Hi,
Please check out my blog. I'm an aspiring nonfiction writer and would love to get some constructive feedback. I'd also love to see what you are writing!


message 9: by Erin (new)

Erin (mimagirl) I have two blogs:, which is mostly about books/author interviews/poetry. I also blog at about my life as a performer.

message 10: by Megan (last edited May 08, 2008 12:37PM) (new)

Megan (meganmme) I've had a crafty blog for years but just started up a book blog today. There isn't a ton there yet, mostly I've been working on getting everything set up but I'll be posting book reviews as I finish books (which is usually 2-3 a week).

message 11: by Jacqueline (new)

Jacqueline (bookbutterfly) | 1 comments I have three blogs. This is my original blog. It is sort of like my journal that all my pals read. This is my reviews blog. I not only review books, but also movies, music albums, music videos, computer games, etc (but mostly books ;) ). This is my private writing blog, where I share songs I have written and excerpts from my books. I have to invite people to read this.

message 12: by Mona (last edited Jun 11, 2008 01:47PM) (new)

Mona My book blog is here:

I started it in 2005 and it mostly includes thoughts on and reviews of books I've read, and links to bookish articles or pop culture that I find interesting.

I'm also doing the Short Story Reading Challenge, a mini challenge to celebrate 100 Years of Anne (Shirley, protagonist of L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables), and I just joined the Sunday Salon.

message 13: by Al (last edited May 30, 2008 02:38PM) (new)

Al (alshaw) | 2 comments Philosopher's Tree at is a news and feature blog with an accent towards the environment, two-thirds world issues, the independent media and the war on terror.

Recent posts are on cluster bombs, Ultimate Force, the Eurovision Song Contest and Live Search's cashback scheme.

Trym Tales looks at the world through the lens of my urban village in north Bristol (that's Bristol, England to our American friends). Recent posts include the latest on the local high school, the proposed Severn Barrage and developments in the plastic recycling scene. Localism at its finest.

Church of my Dreams at is a theological and practical reflection on New Testament principles of church life and their application to the C21.

Property Investor, , looks at the real estate scene from the perspective of the private investor with little money.

message 14: by [deleted user] (new)

Books & Chcolate at is a group of ladies from different areas of North America who review books. I started it in the New Year. Myself and a few other book reading buddies review books. It was just something I wanted to do with my friend Gina but then I decided to broaden it out to have 5 or 6 ladies reviewing books.

message 15: by Jaime (new)

Jaime (ibeforem) My first blog is a personal blog, and I don't spread the address around everywhere. However, when I realized I was spending as much time posting about the books I read as I was posting about everything else, I decided to start a blog for my book "reviews". Confessions of a Bibliophile at My reviews are particularly sophisticated, they're really just my thoughts about the book once I'm finished it.

message 16: by David (new)

David Gutowski (largeheartedboy) | 1 comments I have a music and literature bog, Largehearted Boy, where I have authors create and discuss a music playlist based on their book (Book Notes) have authors interview musicians (and vice versa), and offer music and literature news and free and legal music downloads:

message 17: by Gabriela (new)

Gabriela (sunflowerluv) Hello!

I mostly blog about my trips and interesting general facts I come accross :) sometimes about books too.

here's my blog:

I love blogging. I actually have a few blogs: a more personal one:

A more business related one:

I started blogging about 7 years ago :)

message 18: by Jacqui (new)

Jacqui Dickson (jdpstokie) | 1 comments I have just started blogging because I'm starting an OU creative writing course in September as part of my Humanities Degree. Any advice on blogging gratefully received!

One's a sort of travel/holiday and interesting places I visit and where I live blog ( and the other is about other stuff that interests me such as feminism, mental health in general (my youngest daughter has affective schizoid disorder and moderate learning difficulties) and other issues that have affec ted me and which I think affect women (

message 19: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (rachelbrandt) | 4 comments I have a blog that I use to generally keep up with my life so it includes book, movie and music reviews along with many other things including my newest hobby, photography. I'd love to do a blogroll exchange if anyone is interested.


message 20: by Michael (new)

Michael (bigorangemichael) | 1 comments

That is my book reviews blog. I decided to start putting down thoughts on books I read for fun and to help me recall what I've read a year or so later. Sometimes I will read the back of a book and wonder--now, wait have I read this one already or not?

message 21: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (rachelbrandt) | 4 comments I have a blog which you can check out at

Its about photography, movies, books, music and life, pretty much.

message 22: by Shannon (last edited Aug 19, 2008 03:58PM) (new)

Shannon (lilbichwitch) My blog is

It is mostly book reviews, contest, news on new releases & other book related topics. It is mostly about paranormal romance & historical fiction, but I do step out of my comfort zone from time to time.

message 23: by Surendra (new)

Surendra Jain (skashliwal) | 1 comments My blog is:

Osho says

It is a space where I share Quotes of Osho from his discourses...

message 24: by ☼Bookish (last edited Aug 27, 2008 03:45PM) (new)

☼Bookish in Virginia☼  (ren_t) I have two websites.

The first is

Me and me buddies look for good books to recommend. The latest is an adorable book called "I Feel a Foot."


The other is more personal.

It's where I review and comment on obscure history articles and tombs. The latest post is on an article that outlines all of the different types of meat that were eaten by the early western (US) explorers. Sandcrane anyone?

message 25: by alice (new)

alice yoo (aliceyoo) | 1 comments hey everyone! wassup!

i have a social network that has a blog where we talk about everything, including books.

hope you'll check it out!

message 26: by Ivana (new)

Ivana (ivanahruba) I blog in cartoons about my novel mainly but other things too on my website:
or on my publisher blog: and all sorts of other places, on my Amazon novel page: A Decent Ransom.

message 27: by Joni (last edited Dec 03, 2008 08:54PM) (new)

Joni (jonispi) | 1 comments My blog is:
Paragraphs On Padre Boulevard

I started this blog when I began the long process of building and opening a bookstore on South Padre Island, TX. Since I am originally from Denver and also spend time on the shores of Lake Ontario, in Sodus Point, NY, my new life as a bookseller means relocating and getting to know members of my new community.

So the blog was designed, most importantly, to introduce myself to the residents of my new sandbar home,and build some interest in the new bookstore which was coming to their town. It also was meant to keep my family and friends up-to-date on the construction, share information about activities on the Island, report on some of the decisions and steps involved in opening a small business--specifically a bookstore-- and to discuss books.

Eventually, when Paragraphs has opened and has a fully-functional website the blog will probably change its focus, and concentrate more heavily on books and store events.

message 28: by Laura (last edited Nov 30, 2008 01:00PM) (new)

Laura (snorkle) | 1 comments Hey all,
I have a couple blogs, but the one that I try to keep updated on a regular basis is my book reviews blog, called My Sentiments Exactly which can be found at:
A little while ago (actually, now it's been several months) I decided that at the rate I was reading books, I needed some sort of way to keep track of what I thought of them. So I started a blog devoted to every book I've read (since March, when I started my blog) and I write a short review so that in the future I can see why I gave a certain book only "two stars" when it had such a lovely looking cover.

I am somewhat obsessive, so when I read a book that I love, I tend to check out all the other books that author has written and then read all of those...I even worked in a library for a couple years, I'm pretty much in love with books.

message 29: by Tarek (new)

Tarek Amr (gr33ndata) Hi,

I am an Egyptian blogger, and here are my blogs:

This one is mainly about technical issues such as computers and network security, etc:

This one is the general blog, it's mainly about social, political or general issues:

And finally, this is my Arabic blog:

message 30: by [deleted user] (new)

Hi all..

I run a joint review blog, which includes about 75 of my own reviews from last year. :)

Nice to meet fellow bloggers. :)

message 31: by Ruth (new)

Ruth (ruth72) My book and film blog is here:

It's mainly my book reviews, but I do post a bit about movies as well.

message 32: by Peter (last edited Feb 23, 2009 07:51AM) (new)

Peter | 1 comments The blog maintained by the company for which I work--Literary Magnet (Creative Byline)--covers the business side of publishing as seen by our CEO, Brad MacLean. Right now I believe he's in the middle of a series on this month's TOC Publishing Conference in NYC.--Literary Magnet

On my personal blog, I talk about essentially whatever I want, occasionally utilizing four-letter words, often regarding matters of social, cinematic, musical, and literary import. My next post will be about the bear trap that is Twitter. I also try to share the curio link wealth--Matters of Muscle

message 33: by Blodeuedd (new)

Blodeuedd Finland I recently started my blog, cos I did have one from before but i wanted one that only focused on books. Since I do love to read.

And there I now review the books I have read.

message 34: by [deleted user] (new)

Hi there. I am currently blogging at and will soon be moving to two new domains. (I'll let you know!)

message 35: by Ananya (last edited Mar 20, 2009 12:03PM) (new)

Ananya (sowmyas) | 2 comments on the lighter side, click below:
Something to Think About on Goodreads

message 37: by [deleted user] (new)


I just joined the group. I am a new author/writer. I just started a blog for mom's:


message 38: by Bill (new)

Bill Branson (bill_branson) | 1 comments Anne-Marie wrote: "Tell us about your blogs and how you got started blogging. Brag all you want!"

I've been blogging for about 3 years. It provides me a place to share and discuss the many applications and uses of visual communications, something I am passionate about. I worked with The Blog Squad to get up to speed and was very satisfied with their services.

My blog is:


message 39: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (havanavictoria) | 1 comments My blog is called Read, Laugh, Enjoy!

It is about relationships. Experiences I have been through, readers asking advice as well as Romance stories that I am currently writing.

Please check it out!!!

Havana Victoria

message 40: by Jacob (new)

Jacob | 12 comments

message 41: by Jacob (new)

Jacob | 12 comments If you want to get a perfect list of consumer and business books, try to visit I am sure you will have your pick of any interesting books you want.

Happy reading.

message 42: by Ananya (new)

Ananya (sowmyas) | 2 comments Do visit:
It is self explanatory

message 44: by B. (last edited Jul 03, 2009 08:42PM) (new)

B. (booksnobwannabe) | 1 comments Hello all!!!

My book blog is called:

message 45: by Lori (last edited Jul 07, 2009 06:33AM) (new)

Lori Anderson (lorianderson) Did I mess up by not having a blog dedicated to books? I have the Goodreads widget on the side but the blog is about all sorts of things -- woopsie if I goofed, I'm sorry.

EDITED: Was told privately I made a mistake -- removed my blog ref (ironically I'd just reviewed a book!) -- but will eagerly check out more of your blogs for books!

message 46: by Emma (new)

Emma (emaree) | 1 comments I have a blog about reading and writing:

I was published at 13 and made quite a splash in the writing world, inspiring many my age and younger to get into writing. The blog sparked as a way to give them advice as well as update them on my life. =)

message 47: by Undine (new)

Undine (upsidedownduck) | 1 comments Hello all!

I have a blog that has book reviews, but isn't solely dedicated to them. It's more of a whatever-I'm-thinking-about-on-any-given-day blog, with a side serving of books, but I'd love to hear from y'all!

message 48: by DelGal (new)

DelGal | 3 comments After lurking here for a while, I decided it was time to add my blogs here for all to enjoy:

My fist blog is a personal blog, started a year ago to help document my new life after suffering a few setbacks. It is loaded full of fun including photos, quizzes, and random writings about my life. It's called A Blog in the Rough

My second blog is newer. I started book reviewing in the beginning of this year and am having tons of fun reviewing and meeting new authors. It's called DelGal's Book reviews and can be located at:

Drop by some time and leave a comment!

message 49: by Uninvoked (new)

Uninvoked | 1 comments My noveling blog is ^^ *SQUEE* I'm so excited to find a whole bunch of other writer/readers out there!

message 50: by Laura Ellis (new)

Laura Ellis

I post book reviews and giveaways here.

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