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message 1: by Sky (last edited Jan 20, 2020 10:22AM) (new)

Sky (bookwormshelfies) | 7 comments I am looking for an New Adultish Gay Romance book that I read what feels ages ago (I'd guess around 2012-14ish). I am not sure if the exact ages of the characters were ever revealed but it felt like "New Adult"

What I remember about the plot is the following;
The main characters are 2 young men, one a comic vendor/fan (I'll call him A from now on) and the other one (B from now on), I am not quite sure, I think worked at the convention or for the place it took place at.

A was there to sell some comic books, trading cards or other comic memorabilia with/for a female friend of his but she was late, so he was alone when he saw B. The convention/meeting/... took place in a hotel I think. There was some shenanigans with name-stickers and subtle flirting in dark corners of the vending stalls. I think there also was something like a prize draw which only was a secondary storyline. I am not quite sure what else happened during the convention but later on in the story there is a long(er) scene outside in the pool area where A met B's friends/coworkers, they hang out and A & B get some time alone in the end.

I am not sure if it got steamy but I remember that they were very sweet together.

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Vieky | 23 comments Convention confusion by amber kell

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SamSpayedPI | 1681 comments Convention Confusion for Vieky's link.

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Sky (bookwormshelfies) | 7 comments SamSpayedPI wrote: "Convention Confusion for Vieky's link."
Vieky wrote: "Convention confusion by amber kell"

Sounds interesting but sadly not the book I am looking for. There is no cosplaying in the book I was talking about. It was all very "normal" / plain-clothed and it wasn't like a big con, more like a bazar type of things where (semi-)private vendors sell their collection. Sadly I don't remember the whole storyline otherwise I would post it here.

Still hope someone knows the book none the less

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Lobstergirl | 37833 comments Mod
What's LF? Words are better than acronyms in your header, since not everyone will know what the acronyms mean.

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