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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA (Series): Girl in trouble for pranking the principal, gets sent to live with aunt/uncle over summer in small-ish town and solves a mystery with some local friends (and maybe cousin?)

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Haile (optimisms) | 4 comments Probably read this before or during 2011, but possibly up until 2014 - I'm relatively certain it was elementary school but was def before high school. I don't remember any author or book cover details, sorry.
Most of what I remember is about the school prank. I believe she put a pig or goat (or some other animal) in the principal's office. She got caught bc she had her phone with her and when she was biking home from the school I think her mom tracked her location or something; definitely she had an electronic device that had something to do with how she got caught. She had done pranks before but this was the last straw and she was sent to live with her aunt or uncle over the summer.
When she was living there, they had a relatively large house and I think a pool or a big hole for a pool in the backyard. I think she had a cousin there who she didn't like but became friends with slowly.
I don't remember much more about the plot, except that there might have been magic and there were some scenes about selling hundreds of Girl Scout cookies and also about raising money for a ballet studio. Also someone had a birthday in this story, that was important somehow. Hopefully someone recognizes this.
The book did not seem old, I think it was pretty new. It was English & paperback, and I either got it at a Scholastic Book Fair or from my school library. I think this was part of a series, and not the first book. There was a number in the title. Please help if you can!

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Haile (optimisms) | 4 comments I found the book! It's 13 Gifts by Wendy Mass (13 Gifts) and it is #3 in the Willow Falls series.

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