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Dragons & Dreams: A Collection of New Fantasy and Science Fiction Stories
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA Short Story Book Read in 1980's. "Dragon" may be in title. Man given a box by an "Angel" [s]

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message 1: by Adam (new)

Adam | 2 comments Hello,

I read this book of short stories sometime in the 1980's. The title may have included the word "Dragon."

The short story I recall best is about a young man who is given a box with something living inside it by an "Angel" as a child. It follows his life as taking care of this box changes his entire life. Trying google searches with dragon and details of the book is not bringing anything up. Thanks in Advance.

message 2: by Mai (last edited Jan 16, 2020 01:00PM) (new)

Mai | 1254 comments Searching "short story" "angel gave him a box" a blog post came up:

“The Box,” which Coville wrote in his 20s and described as his personal favorite story at the time Oddly Enough was published, is a strange fantasy about a little boy who believes an angel gave him a box that he must carry everywhere forever – and his reconciliation not only to that burden (if it is a burden) but also to the fact that he will never know what the box contains.

It was part of the book Oddly Enough which doesn't mention a dragon and was published in the 90s. So I looked it up on Goodreads: The Box and it says "Originally published in DRAGONS AND DREAMS (edited by Jane Yolen) this is one of Bruce Coville's personal favorites among all his stories". That one was published in 1986 so hopefully it's the collection you are looking for! Dragons & Dreams: A Collection of New Fantasy and Science Fiction Stories.
Dragons & Dreams A Collection of New Fantasy and Science Fiction Stories by Jane Yolen

message 3: by Adam (new)

Adam | 2 comments Thank you Mai! This is the book. And this is the cover exactly as I remember it. I really appreciate this, and look forward to rereading "The box." You made my day!

message 4: by Mai (new)

Mai | 1254 comments I hope you find a copy! Happy rereading! :-)

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