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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Girl travels to safety with blind boy during or after WW2. Young adult book. [s]

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Acacia (oofbsecretkeeper) The grandfather of the boy helps them escape where they live by providing them with jewels on a guide dogs collar. The girl and boy pretend to be siblings while travelling to other people's houses to escape. Eventually get seperated. Placed in Europe Maybe WW2 era? Not sure. Young adult fiction for sure. Would love help finding this for a friend! Thanks!

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Acacia (oofbsecretkeeper) They are trying to escape the country and I think the girl eventually ends up in Sweden and then gets adopted and moves to the US

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Acacia (oofbsecretkeeper) The teens are around 16-17 during the journey. They meet in a park after the girl sneaks out of her house. She is quite wealthy I beleive.

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Rainbowheart | 16897 comments When did your friend read it?

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Acacia (oofbsecretkeeper) 2016 or 17. Pretty sure it was published in the 2000s.

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Lillian | 30 comments The Watcher by Joan Hiatt Harlow?

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Acacia (oofbsecretkeeper) Lillian that is it!! Thank you so much!!

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Lillian | 30 comments No problem!

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