Supernova (Renegades, #3) Supernova question

What are your thoughts to the end of Supernova?
Amanda S Amanda S Jan 14, 2020 02:25PM
I highly enjoyed this series and the ending was predictable but still interesting. I loved this book and series and I wanted to hear what others think of the amazing ending.

To be honest, I was really let down by the ending of Supernova. When there is a battle, I want to see real consequences. This book felt like there were no consequences to the battle with Ace Anarchy. Yes, Max took away the powers of everyone because is powers are increased by Ace's helmet. However, he gives powers back to all of the people who lost them through the supernova. Did this bother anyone else?

Jess OMG this book was a hit and miss for me. through the whole book i was actually rooting for Ace and his people. the whole battle part was a major let d ...more
Mar 14, 2020 06:21PM
Carlie Exactly!
May 29, 2020 11:34AM

I felt like there is a lot of room for a prequel/sequel or something along those lines...
The world was really well developed and I would enjoy seeing it from a different perspective.

I loved the first two books, but this last book was such a let down to me. The whole point of the first two books was talking about how it isn't just good and evil, black and white, and how there are two sides to every story. And it did it in such a good way. And then this book comes in and just throws that out the window. No, actually, the bad guys really are bad and the good guys really are good and there isn't any grey zone. Here are the things I didn't like:

1-They made Ace a villain.
2-They took away Nova's big speech. Was anyone else waiting for her to be able to share her experience and have this big moment where people realize that they were wrong? And they take it away.
3-No one died.
4-Everyone has powers now...
5-The whole going to jail thing just felt like it was there to take up time in the book.

That's about it

I did not expect Magpie's story at all. I feel that there wasn’t much closure with Adrian and his mother's death.

( beware, spoilers ahead )

Personally, I didn’t like the end that much, but I adored the rest of the book and all of the books before.
I’m exited to see Evie’s story and how she survived

I think that the reason I loved Supernova so much was the fact that it did defy the what we thought was coming and still worked.

Yeah I’m also curious about Maggie’s story. I hope that maybe Marissa Meyer can create a Novella book like she did for the Lunar Chronicles.

my thoughts are i want to read evie/magpie's story now please!!!! i feel a lack of closure with that cliffhanger reveal ending!!!!!

My heart broke when Magpie's back ground was fully revealed. I did not see that coming. I really hope Marissa Myer will revisit the world of the Renegades and give us some more details on that.

I also figured out Phobia's connection to Lady Indomitable early on. I was suprised by Phobia's back ground. I wouldn't have guessed it, even though looking back on the other books, the clues were there, they just seemed subtle to me.

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