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Most Beloved Sister
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Two girls jumping into hole under tree book. [s]

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Naveen | 2 comments So it's been years (since the 90s to be exact) since I was in elementary school. And there was a book that I loved so much. I remember reading it all the time, but I forgot the name. (The illustrations had a beautiful style that reminded me of the Beatrix Potter books in a way.)

I'm not sure if the book was published in the 90s because it seemed older than that

There were two girls (from what I remember) it reminded me of Alice and Wonderland because they both went down a hole under a tree and they went into a fantasy world. I'm not sure if they were sisters or not, but they seemed very close.

For some reason, the main girl in the story couldn't go into the hole with the other girl anymore. And suddenly the hole closes for good, and she doesn't see her anymore.

I would love to find the name and author of this book. It was such a beautiful story and brings back happy memories.

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Naveen | 2 comments Rainbowheart wrote: "Most Beloved Sister?"


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Rainbowheart | 16953 comments Really? I just took a wild stab there, lol. I'm glad that was the right one!

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