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message 1: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Dellinger | 1 comments I read a series way back about magic, some characters had magic and there was, I believe, a young girl who was learning about her magic. She may have been unaware of it and another character saw that she had the aptitude and began training her. Anyway, these characters had a kind of magic that allowed them to trave quickly above the ground by grasping objects with their power and pulling themselves towards those objects and/or latch in onto objects and pushing themselves away from those objects. So they travelled by propelling themselves through the air by pulling and pushing against lamp posts, buildings, etc. I cannot remember any more about the author, but I keep thinking it was Brandon Sanderson. It's not the Stormlight or Mistborn series'. This is driving me crazy.

Does this ring a bell for anyone?

message 2: by Conal (new)

Conal (conalo) | 52 comments I realize that you state it is not the mistborn series but the details you list match exactly with the first book of this series...
The Final Empire

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