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Dramapuppy I'm going to start a buddy read for the first selection book. I know most of us have already read it, but not all. And a reread is always good. If you're interested, comment when you want to start and how fast you want to go. I know I'm going in for a reread, (no spoilers), so we're going ahead even if just one person is interested.

Mariana | 69 comments Mod
Im interested i had already read it but i was actually planning to re read all the series! We can start on wedsnday 12 of this month if it suits you and the other ones! I can go at the speed you all want! I have no problems, perhaps i can read every day.

Dramapuppy Sure, I'll do it with you on the twelfth. I think it'll just be us this time, but we can use spoilers because we've both read it. How about we just read one chapter every two days and post on this discussion as we go along?


Mariana | 69 comments Mod
All right amazing idea! So we start on the twelfth and we read one chapter in two days and discuss it! So we start posting in the 13 right? It dosent matter if we are only us it would be fun! Thanks for organazing this

Dramapuppy No problem. And yeah. 13th. I'm looking forward to it!

Mariana | 69 comments Mod
Me too! So excited! Finally i can express my ideas with someone! I dont have any friends os family members that had read this book and they think im crazy when i dont stpo talking about it! Hahahaha

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Dramapuppy Ah, even the first chapter is amazing. When I first read it one page had me hooked.

Dramapuppy And the first sentence is a great hook.

Mariana | 69 comments Mod
I have to agree with you! I really enjoy the first chapter! Its so fun! She says that she dont want to be queen, that shell never like a so stuck up guy like Maxon, that filling that form was the end of her dreams well they trule where at that moment but still her dreams became another hole purpose later..... And that if she filled the form shell never had chances to win! Its so hilarious I loved it! When i first read it i was like America dont enter! But now its so amazing really! And i like Americas dad and this chapter! He was so caring and understanding to his daughter! And May its so outgoing i love her! Americas mom well a little rough and to worried but she has her reasons! I liked when America was remembering her childhood with her brother Kota! Sweet things! You know....

Dramapuppy Yeah! Sometimes you forget about the family later on, but they all have really distinct personalities.

Mariana | 69 comments Mod
Yes the family are just supportive characters! Oh yep they are so different! Whats your favorite character of the family and of the selected girls?

Dramapuppy Ooh, that's hard. I think... Marlee and May.

Mariana | 69 comments Mod
I have to agree with you! And maybe Celeste too but at the one! Oh poor Marlee when they wipped her right? Did you read today Ch.2? Me yes! Isnt it so different when you have only read The selection than all the trilogy books? First i thought Maxon was going to be a rich stuck up Prince but i was mistaken he turned to be so sweet and caring for everyone not like his father! And i thought his father was rather good! And that Aspen was a gentleman when he is trully so disrispectful and heart breaking! And that America was never going to fall in love for Maxon and she did! Funny how America call it a stupid letter when its her future. How things books change when you have read them all right? I love the tree house! I would like to have one! I have a question.. When america says: "aspen do you realice what dwould mean if celia or kimber won?" What would happen? I dont understand? Do you?

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