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message 1: by Marni (last edited Dec 02, 2014 02:44PM) (new)

Marni (wonderwmn999) | 3578 comments We would like to welcome author Gretchen de la O for a Read 4 Review of her book Almost Eighteen (Wilson Mooney #1) , a combination YA/NA contemporary romance.

Abandoned by her mother at the vulnerable age of eight; only to be shipped off to a boarding school in Northern California by her grandparents, Wilson Mooney, is one girl who knows what it’s like to have to grow up way too fast. Now, a month away from turning eighteen and orphaned by the death of her grandparents; she knows exactly what she wants. All it takes is a spontaneous ski trip with her narcissistic roommate to Colorado, to make it a reality. When he happens to show up at a party in Aspen, Wilson becomes tangled in the powerful emotions of first love, sexual inexperience, and society’s principles. She lives a whirlwind weekend filled with newly discovered boundaries, calloused aches for a family she never had, and all the pressures of keeping their weekend together a secret.

314 pages, Kindle

The author will be providing copies gifted through Smashwords. This is a free progam that is easy to access and allows you download the format that you need. To request, please post your email address and you will receive an email from me @, with the Smashwords link and coupon code. You will need this code at checkout. Make sure your Adult Content filter is OFF. Do NOT provide others with this code, it is only for those signed up to review in our program. It is your responsibility to check for the book and download it. It is also your responsibility to contact me immediately if you do not receive the book or have a problem. In exchange for the free book, the author requests an honest review of their book not just on Goodreads, but also on Smashwords, Amazon USA, UK, and any of your blogs or reviewing sites. Once you are finished with your review and have posted it on Goodreads, you are REQUIRED to post your Goodreads link to it on this thread.

Even though this book is being gifted to you please do not share it with anyone. It is unethical, disrespectful and illegal to share books provided to you for reviews.

Further Info from the group, not the author: If you do not complete the e-book within the time given, and you do not post your link on this thread or I do not hear from you stating that you intend to finish and review the book, you will not be allowed to participate in future Read 4 Review events. This is to prevent people from getting complimentary books over and over without fulfilling their obligation.

Do not message me nor the author requesting the book. All info is to be posted here. This is for the ease of the author and the mods and fairness to all. If you do not wish to share your email publicly, please do not request.

If there are any other authors looking to do this with our group, please message me. You MUST be willing to provide copies, free of charge, to the reviewers.

REVIEWERS: PLEASE read the topic titled "Reviewers." All the rules are listed under there. We will not allow any excuses of "I didn't know" because the rules are listed and if you have any questions you can always message me. Here is a good blog post showing how to find your review link to post:

Links to find the book for posting reviews:


Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

Amazon AU:


Deadline for review is 11:59pm EST on 12/2/14 (December 2nd). A few extra days have been provided for the US Thanksgiving holiday.



message 2: by Amy (new) - rated it 3 stars

Amy Burch | 12 comments
I would love to read this =)

Heather | 155 comments epub please! thanks!

Sneha Tripathi | 71 comments would like to read and review this book, and epub format please.

TyLee Heredia | 5 comments I would like a copy please for kindle.

I can't wait!

message 6: by Marni (new)

Marni (wonderwmn999) | 3578 comments This is through Smashwords. You download the format you need.

Ashley (diamondheart90) Would it be ok if I review this?

Keep Calm Novel On (keepcalmandnovelon) | 40 comments Would love a copy
ePub please and thank you in advance.

Meagan (mzfrazier0428) | 59 comments I would like to review.

Kasey | 284 comments Am I able to get a copy?

message 12: by Marni (new)

Marni (wonderwmn999) | 3578 comments Emails with link and coupon code have been sent to everyone up to this point.

Sneha Tripathi | 71 comments Thank you for the opportunity, here's my review:

Keep Calm Novel On (keepcalmandnovelon) | 40 comments I have read and reviewed.
Review has been posted on Goodreads:

Thank you.

message 16: by Marni (new)

Marni (wonderwmn999) | 3578 comments Keep Calm wrote: "I have read and reviewed.
Review has been posted on Goodreads:

Thank you."

Message sent to you.

message 17: by Amy (new) - rated it 3 stars

Amy Burch | 12 comments

Thank you for the opportunity to read this book.

Review posted on Goodreads and Amazon AU.

Meagan (mzfrazier0428) | 59 comments Here is my review.

Thank you for the read!

message 20: by Marni (new)

Marni (wonderwmn999) | 3578 comments 3 days until the deadline.

message 21: by Marni (new)

Marni (wonderwmn999) | 3578 comments 2 days until the deadline.

message 22: by Marni (new)

Marni (wonderwmn999) | 3578 comments 18 hours until the deadline.

message 23: by Ashley (last edited Dec 02, 2014 02:14PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Ashley (diamondheart90) Marni and Gretchen, I am sorry for the review getting posted so late. Work has been getting crazy. I thank you both for this opportunity.


My blog

Still pending approval.

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