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Diź (dimal) *

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Diź (dimal) hey

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Diź (dimal) im good

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Diź (dimal) how you?

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Diź (dimal) great :)

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Diź (dimal) no idea.

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Diź (dimal) sounds cool. got a story in mind?

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Diź (dimal) wanna make it so we're both half dragons that try surviving in a world where dragons are almost extinct and are being hunted or something like that?

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Diź (dimal) go ahead

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Diź (dimal) sounds good :) i can make that work

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Diź (dimal) so where do we begin?

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Diź (dimal) okay

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Diź (dimal) sounds good

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Diź (dimal) will they have a human and dragon form? or just one form?

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Diź (dimal) just asking to make sure

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Diź (dimal) What kind of things should we put for type? im stuck on that

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Diź (dimal) ahh okay

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Diź (dimal) Name: Christopher Jhong
Age: 24

Type: Water Dragon

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Diź (dimal) cool

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Diź (dimal) Okay. no need to rush, i have all day

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Diź (dimal) cool

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Diź (dimal) sweet. is this set in our modern time or in a more medieval time?

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Diź (dimal) its under his picture. i put both in

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Diź (dimal) it shows on the app. it just takes a bit to load

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Diź (dimal) no problem :)

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Diź (dimal) yeah, where do we start it off at?

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Diź (dimal) cool. but i dont know how to start it

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Diź (dimal) sure, but im sure what he's like and what he would say

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Diź (dimal) okay

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Diź (dimal) thats okay, i prefer playing my own characters parents.

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Diź (dimal) yeah, it's easier for me that way

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Diź (dimal) Okay

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Diź (dimal) yeah

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Diź (dimal) yup, i thought you were going to start it off though

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Diź (dimal) ((okay, their starting in an ancient ruin in the high mountains. where they'll first meet))

"come now, must you be so slow?" Darkfang said to his daughter, "this is an important event for us dragons and I'll not be late because you don't want to be here. they both stood on a platform at the entrance to the ruin, "i know you don't like going to these things but as my daughter your just going to learn to like it, this meeting of dragon's will be a big one and it's important that your here for it" he finished talking and waited for her before he continued walking

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Diź (dimal) "no changing forms" he told her, saying it as more of an order. "and you'll see what it's about when it starts" he said. He continued his walk and stopped at the big double doors that lead to the main hall. He waited for her before opening the doors

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Diź (dimal) With both his hands he threw open the doors.

inside sat a few families, the last of the dragon's, and their human servants.

In the corner of the room sat Christopher and his family, waiting with the others for them to arrive.

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Diź (dimal) Christopher's mother saw that Darkfang and Melody had arrived, she stood up and told her son to come with her. Once they got over to them she gave a formal courtesy and Chris gave a less formal bow.

"glad to see you arrived Darkfang" His mother Aqua said to him, "and you brought your beautiful daughter with you" she said with a smile to her.

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Diź (dimal) ((yes))

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Diź (dimal) Christopher growled and flipped her did it back to her, he then looked to her father, "don't call me handsome" he said crossing his arms. "it's creeping when an old man says that to a younger man" he said in a rude like tone

"Christopher! show some respect" his mother nearly shouted at him. he then stood up from his chair, "im getting a drink" he said and walked off, completely ignoring what she said

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Diź (dimal) Aqua sighed heavily and rubbed her temples, "im sorry for my sons behavior, he's usually more respectful than that... he's just not been himself for a few months now ever since his coming of age ceremony" she told them.

Christopher stayed over by the drinks after he poured his drink, starting with a non-alcohol then slowly getting into the alcoholic drinks

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Diź (dimal) Aqua looked to Blackfang then to Melody then back to him, "oh no" she said.

Christopher wasn't too far from them when they started fighting, it made him a bit more annoyed and snapped, "Hey, enough with that, your being a nuisance!" he practically shouted, trying to keep himself calm

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Diź (dimal) he scoffed, "says the brat that starts fights and has no self control" he snapped back. just as he said that his mother walked from behind him and smacked his behind the head and shoved him back to their seats. "that's no way to talk to your fia..." she stopped for a few seconds, catching herself, "f-fellow dragon" she said, trying to cover up what she said earlier

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Diź (dimal) Christopher noticed something was definitely up after that, he went to sit in his seat, ignoring the fact that blackfang and melody were there.

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Diź (dimal) Aqua gave him the look back saying they probably haven't and it'll hopefully work out like how they planned

Christopher at this point was ignoring everything. he only wanted to escape to a secluded place with one of the young human maid girls for a good time, but he knew he wouldn't get away long enough for it, so he sat there and tapped his foot repeatedly on the floor in frustration

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Diź (dimal) The elder walked up to the center of the room and waited a few moments while everyone noticed him and slowly went quiet. "now my fellow dragons, i welcome you all here on this momentous of days to celebrate a new joining of kin in our society" he said aloud a few family's started to clap excitedly

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Diź (dimal) Aqua noticed him looking at her, she looked back with a smile.

the elder coughed to make everyone quiet down before continuing, "now will the two young dragons Melody and Christopher step forth for your ceremony to begin" he said with a smile and everyone looked over to them.

a chill ran down Christopher's spine as he stood slowly and cautiously walked over

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Diź (dimal) Christopher stood in front of the elder with an angry look, "what is this?" he asked him

"it is the day of your wedding, you two have been arranged by your parents to continue on the dragon lineage" he replied to him

Christopher just stood there getting more angry every second, "NO! I'M NOT MARRYING THAT BRATTY WITCH!" he shouted back and started walking away, headed for the front door

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Diź (dimal) ((it's okay lol))

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