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Vince from the Right Arm has been cast... FOR this movie?

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Emma So, here:

This is weird? Vince and the Right Arm, AND Gally aren't in ST, they come in later in DC. I know that's a spoiler and everything, but the announcement of this casting to the fans is a spoiler in itself for people who haven't read DC yet.

Also, a new character added in? A doctor named Mary Cooper? Is she supposed to be Hans? Or that doctor who fixes Thomas after he gets shot? My mind is exploding with questions right now. Do you guys have an explanation for this? I'm guessing Vince will be in some extra scene at the end, I don't know.

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Kelly Brigid ♡ Uh? O_O Wow, that's weird. If I had to guess, I'd say he'll just be introduced in the end, as part of a cilffhanger...hopefully.

Taylor is playing Mary Cooper, a doctor who started a colony of survivors in the hopes of making a last stand.

The only person I can see that being, is Charlotte; the girl who made the device that disables all of WICKED's weapons. It doesn't quite make sense why (assuming it's the same character) her name would be different though.

Emma I honestly believe this is a new character added in, because I can't think of anyone in the books she is replacing. I can't believe they've already started filming and are still announcing cast members :p

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Majo OMG!, That's really weird. New Characters?
I still think Adelaide Kaine would be a great Brenda!
Does they already reveal who is going to be Brenda?

Emma Brenda was announced weeks ago. She will be player by Rosa Salazar. The whole cast is on IMDb, sorry I don't have the link.

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