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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Hey! :)

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I've got a good topic....
We are friends and we get stranded on an island, somehow (your pick) and they gain to like eachother, not liking eachother at first. And we spend years on the island, knowing that we will never get off. And we go from how we got there...

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Sure. How about... there was a plane crash and they are the only survivors.

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Ok do you want to start, getting on the plane?

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Sure.

Kaidan had finally gotten his plane, after weeks and weeks of persuading his parents that he was going on holiday and meeting his friend in Rio before going on to New York. He was going from England and he was happy to get out our of his home for a bit.

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Do you want to make a bio, on our Charries before we start?

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Not unless you want to.

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I think we should...

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments You do yours first then. :)

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Name: Danielle
Age: 17

Appearance: Has dark brown long hair with dark purple eyes. She wears eyeliner to bring it out. She has Busty features but a slim and tall figure with tan skin. She usually shows off her body and puts it out there. She stands 5'8 with an below average weight of 127.

Personality: She is not a conversation starter. She is normally hyper and outgoing. She is shy and serious at times when she has to be. She is also someone that you don't want to get mad or mess with. She is fierce but a nice, and gentle person.

Reason for Traveling: She's running away from a family that abused her.

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Name: Kaidan

Age: 19

Appearance: He's 6"3 with striking green eyes, he has dark curly hair and a pale complexion. He is muscular and well built, he is hard to miss when walking through a crowd.

Personality: To be roll played. He is usually quite protective and sarcastic though.

Reason for traveling: Going to study in New York. He is also meeting his best friend in Rio.

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((I'm sorry, I didn't see this, would you like me to start?))

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments ((Sure!))

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Dannielle arrived at the airport 2 hours earlier. She's been sitting in the waiting area for more than an hour. She was nerves because her run away problem was building more suspense as she was waiting. She made her self useful and examined the crowd for anyone who catches her eye, or at least any deputies. She was sure she was safe, once the intercome came on announcing that Flight 97, Airways Open, was here.

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Kaidan grabbed his bag and threw it over his shoulder, he stretched out his back before walking to the people at the desk with his passport and tickets. Sighing he ran a hand through his messy hair. He looked at the time and almost laughed in relief that the plane was open to board. He was sick of sitting there.

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Danni was in such a hurry to get onboard that she bumped into a cute guy that was REALLY tall.
"Oops, sorry!" She touched his arm with as a warm gesture and took her seat on the plane.

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments "It's okay." He muttered and then stuffed his bag in the baggage compartment. Kaidan wrinkled his nose slightly at the sight of the tiny plane seats. Sighing he sat down, his knees pressed close as he sat in the inner colum of seats, next to the girl he'd bumped into.

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Danni lunged up out of her seat and stuffed her bags above her. She hesitantly glanced beside her, awkwardly and sat down, smoothing her skirt, but accidently exposing skin. She quickly hid it and sat down gently. Boys, are a wreck!

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Kaidan tapped his hand on the arm rest and sighed, his hand stuffed against his chin. He hated long journeys in tiny seats that doesn't fit a tall man's legs. Rolling his head slightly he closed his eyes. Putting on his seatbelt he relaxed.

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Danni quickly put her seatbelt on and was ready for liftoff. She was able to relax now that she escaped. It has been awhile since they've been traveling and she dozed off. ((Time Jump, on when the plane is not functioning right?))

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments ((Sure.))

"This is your captain speaking, please put your seat belts on as we are dealing with some turbulence. Thank you." He said and the Mic turned off again.

Kaidan grabbed his belt and clipped it back on, he rested his head back and crossed his arms.

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Danni woke up startled and was observing and listening around. She copied the guy next to her, therefore she didn't no what to do. The intercome came on again, when the plan twisted and turned and shook in midair.
"EVERYONE stay come!! Stay seated and don't panic!....." He was cut off and followed by a currrrrrrrr. Masks hung down and she safely secured hers into place. The nose dipped and the ones who didn't follow the command to put their seatbelt on, fell forward, out of their seats and got crushed. Danni gasped and closed her eyes. Everything was happening so fast!!

((Sorry, I know that if I hadn't written this all in one, then I would forget it!))

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Kaidan watched the plane and fastened the mask, he also got out the life jackets under the seat, "Don't inflate them until you are under water. Or you will float to the top." He said gently to the girl. He was trying to keep calm. He pulled the life jacket over his head and fastened it but didn't blow it up.

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She listened to the guy and got her life jacket from underneath the seat. Her hands were shaky, she was having difficulties. "I need your help!!" She cried, trying to relax but unsuccessful.

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Kaidan looked over at her and pulled her head through the hole and fastened it for her. "There, no need to panic just listen to me and my voice. Take deep breaths. It will be okay."

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Danni was surprised on how calm he was. It was almost impossible for her. She steadied her breaths and listened to his deep, soothing voice. She knew the plane was going down now and it would be a matter of fact if she died or stayed alive. She looked over and steadied her gaze on his face, to occupy herself.

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments He reached over and clutched her hand, he sighed and looked around the plane, glancing at the exist

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Danni was surprised that he held her hand. She had no time now to think about touching or feelings. She jerked automatically, gave him a dirty look and waited for the plane to go down. Although she already knew it was gonna go down anyways. The back wing split in half and was carried off and the next moment their was an explosion and Danni blacked out.

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Kaidan cursed under his breath and moved her body into the brace position. His own also curling slightly. He felt them try and level the plane out. His hand holding Danni's body down. He closed his eyes as they hit the water.

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Even though Danni was blacked out she felt the her body slam and the freeze of the ice cold water. She floated down deeper into the ocean loosing grib of Kaiden's hand(Sorry If I Godmodded) Once she was almost out of breath, her eyes instantly opened. She tried swimming to the top but had no energy left.

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Kaidan grabbed her waist, holding his breath he inflated her life jacket and pushed her to the door of the plane. He saw her float into the direction and could only hope she'd fight the current. He moved to the top of the plane took a deep breath and then dived back down to help any children and older people.

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Danni took a deep breath in. "Huuuuuuu!" Danni felt relieved and coughed up water. She wondered about the guy sitting next to her. She looked around. There was bodies floating everywhere. She panicked. She swam over to a piece of debris and climbed on top of it. She looked around some more hoping she'd find that one fimiliar face. Why should I care? I just met him and I'm worried? That's pathetic! she thought.

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments He came back for air and scooped up a four year old boy whose mom was struggling with getting him out. Telling her to go, he lifted the little boy and swam out with him. Kaidan came up for air and quickly got to safety. He lay the little boy down and checked his pulse in relief.

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((I thought we were the only survivors))

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments ((There could be more. It's an island and people separate. They can be the only people they see except for the little boy and his mom. If it really happened there can be people you don't know who survive.))

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((Well what I thought would be really cool is that we are the only survivors and we have kids and we can play the kids. And those kids will make more kids and the parents die.....you know what I mean, like a civilization or a generation. Have you watched Lost?))

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments ((But that would be incest, you'd have to have more than one couple so that they wouldn't become all sick. And yeah I know what you mean. And no.))

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((Although I don't do doubles, I think doubles would be best.))

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments ((Probably! ^-^ So they make a friensd or something like that when they find some others on the island? So we will meet them later on?))

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((Ya, I guess so. Let's continue and worry about that later.))

Danni helped the boy up, completely changing her mood because of how innocent he looked. "Anyone else?" She asked.

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments "I don't know." Kaidan sighed and rubbed the boys back, he was busy searching for his mother in the wreck, he couldn't see her anywhere. He shakes his head and rubbed his chin.

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Danni grabbed a stick and started peddling to what looked like land. "I'll start there," she pointed. "So the boy will be safe."

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Kaidan nodded, then also started to paddle the plane.

The boy sat froze and shivering with fright.

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They finally arrived there. Danni picked up the baby and set him on the sand. This was a small island. Easy to move around. At least there was a forest in the middle, for them to survive. Who knows how long they'll be here.

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Kaidan followed her and then lifted the little boy, he didn't want anything to happen to the little guy. Sighing he looked around. "We will be fine." He muttered.

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"Danni...." She said. "What if we're not safe?" She asked, pulling herself closer to him.

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments "We will be." He said in determining, "Keep positive or we won't." He said and walked to the edge of the forest. The baby in his arms.

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"What are you doing?" She asked. Walking towards him.

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