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message 1: by Doug (new)

Doug | 6 comments With this being a political week, and Nowhere Man being a political thriller (which Kirkus Reviews compared to House of Cards and Homeland and said "delivers excitement, suspense and cheers in all the right places"), we're putting the Kindle edition on sale for $2.99. It's particularly relevant in an election season, as the true victim of this "labyrinthine conspiracy thriller with both verve and heart" (Kirkus again) is the democratic process. Get it at

message 2: by Mark (new)

Mark | 785 comments Hi, Doug,

Glad to see you back. Wish you well with Nowhere Man. I've not yet read the book, but I had a look at your Amazon reviews, and for the information of other LibPol members who might be interested, they're uniformly highly enthusiastic.

message 3: by Doug (new)

Doug | 6 comments Thanks, Mark, very much. Yeah, it would probably have some appeal to the LibPol members. An agent basically called me un-American when I said that the bad guys in the book were Republicans who were more interested in their own ambitions than the country's well being.

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