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Blue Skies and Gunfire
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Fiction. Second world war. Title had something with pilot in it. Two boys one girl. [s]

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Silverina La Mees (silverinalamees) | 30 comments This book is about second world war where the protagonist is a girl. We are in a little country side. This girl meets two boys (brothers) one is elder than the other one. They are either rich or they live in a big house in that little countryside.
First the girl falls for the elder one (or he flirts so much with her that she falls in love with him because he's choosing to notice her)
The meeting place is under a tree near a lake. She also meets the younger brother but she doesn't develop feelings for him at the beginning.
Then the war is there and the elder brother participates. This is where it all goes tricky. I don't remember if the younger brother does or not.
And there is this scene and I am not entirely sure it has anything to do with this book but either it's a goodbye scene with the girl and the elder brother or it's a welcome scene where the elder brother just abandons her, and the younger brother later tells her that the elder brother was just toying with her feelings.

There was something with the boys. One of them gets his leg amputated (either in the beginning or later) or he only walks crookily.
I think I remember a car too (one of the old cars that drove around at that time)
And I think I remember some dancing, but I am not sure.
I think it ends with the girl and the younger brother together, but I am not sure.

I don't remember if they were supposed to be Germans or English.
But I do think I remember that the title had pilot in it...

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Kirstin | 191 comments I have not read it in a long time but from what you described it's probably a long shot but maybe Private Peaceful? If I remember correctly though the narrator is the younger brother unless it switches between them.

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Kirstin | 191 comments I just looked it up and it is the First World War so maybe not, but the author is Michael Morpurgo if you want to check.

Josie (maid_marian) | 100 comments This sounds a lot like K.M. Peyton's Blue Skies and Gunfire to me!

Silverina La Mees (silverinalamees) | 30 comments @Josie: it really is that book...! Thank you.

I'll move this to the SOLVED shelves in the afternoon

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