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Some Questions (SPOILER ALERT)
Lesa Lesa Oct 27, 2014 11:31AM
I really liked this book, but was left with lots of questions at the end.
1. Why and how was Sandra able to leave the house so suddenly? Was it because the truth of how she really died became known?
2. Why was Eva there if she didn't die in the house?
3. Why was Caroline so upset about Adrianne when she was the one who divorced Richard? I understand that he fathered Eva before she divorced him, but she was upset about Adrianne before she even knew about that.
4. How did Alice die?

1) Sandra had never admitted how she died until then. It seems once she came to admit and accept what happened she was able to let go of her secret and was released from being bound to the house.
2) Eva may have been drawn to the house because of her father and family links in the house. (This does seem to go against the location of a haunting being the place where you died as a fact in the story) Other ideas, anyone?
3) I agree with Tanya's answer. Richard gave twice as much money to Adrienne as he did his children by Caroline. Caroline felt betrayed all over again.
4)Someone please correct me if I am wrong, how Alice died was not disclosed. It was her unfinished business that kept her at the house rather than her manner of death.

What was Vivian really doing in the story? just for some mystery though she wasn't mentioned at the end?

I had a lot of un-answered questions as well. But Lauren Oliver has mentioned that she likes leaving the reader with questions so they can draw their own conclusions.

These are my assumptions for the answers to your questions:
(1) Sandra had known all along how she died but it wasn't until she acknowledged it that she was set free. As she said to Alice "You need to let go, Alice. That's the whole trick. Let go of everything."
(2) Eva had unfinished business (not knowing about her father) and her answers were in that house.
(3) What everyone else said, plus I think she was still in love with Richard all those years (and I'm sure we all know how that goes).
(4) I was confused by this as well...didn't someone have cancer? I'm not sure if I'm making this up in my head or if it was actually her.

Wigs: I had the same idea at first, but something made me think that the accidents weren't actually related and I can't quite put my finger on it. It may be that I feel like (even though a lot was left hanging in the air) the author would have clarified if it had been so. Instead all Trenton was thinking during this discovery was that the dead girl was his sister.

I know the answer to question three. In Richards will he gave Adrianne one million dollars, which was more than he gave to his own children and to Sandra.

In the way it was written I was confused about the way Eva died and when. So basically Trenton's car accident and Eva dying was at the same time? Trenton's friend hit Adrienne's car?...But it seemed that the author was saying Adrienne calling Minna was close to Eva's death "I thought Richard could undo it" or something...that didn't make sense to me at all. And it also made it seem that Adrienne was driving to Richard's house when the car accident happened but maybe I read that wrong. That was a really confusing scene, timeline wise.

Maybe I'm wrong because I guess if Trenton was that badly hurt then Trenton's friend wouldn't have hit and run....but then again both the article for the hit and run and the accident happened a while ago, so why is Eva's ghost acting brand new like she just died?


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