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The Last Conversation
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BUDDY READ: Dystopian/Sci-Fi > The Last Conversation (Forward Short Story Collection) by Paul Tremblay - Starting September 27th 2019

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GridGirl | 622 comments What’s more frightening: Not knowing who you are? Or finding out? A Bram Stoker Award–winning author explores the answer in a chilling story about identity and human consciousness.

Imagine you’ve woken up in an unfamiliar room with no memory of who you are, how you got there, or where you were before. All you have is the disconnected voice of an attentive caretaker. Dr. Kuhn is there to help you—physically, emotionally, and psychologically. She’ll help you remember everything. She’ll make sure you reclaim your lost identity. Now answer one question: Are you sure you want to?

Paul Tremblay’s The Last Conversation is part of Forward, a collection of six stories of the near and far future from out-of-this-world authors. Each piece can be read or listened to in a single thought-provoking sitting.

Krystal Ayers | 4320 comments (view spoiler)

Krystal Ayers | 4320 comments (view spoiler)

Krystal Ayers | 4320 comments Ending (view spoiler)

GridGirl | 622 comments Urgh, of course I started with the wrong one and only realized it 25% into it. I'll read "You have arrived at your destination" next... Sorry :(

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Krystal Ayers | 4320 comments I didn’t know they had to be read in a particular order?

GridGirl | 622 comments No, they don't. Heather and I just agreed to read them in a specific order :)

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GridGirl | 622 comments 80%:

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GridGirl | 622 comments Finished:

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GridGirl | 622 comments Krystal wrote: "Ending [spoilers removed]"

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HeatherH (bkwrm85) | 2161 comments I totes read them in a messed up order... Did save Blake Crouch for last as we decided, so starting it next!

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HeatherH (bkwrm85) | 2161 comments ending..
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Krystal Ayers | 4320 comments Heather wrote: "ending..
[spoilers removed]"

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✨Skye✨ | 3163 comments Oops! posted BR comments for the wrong book if anyone caught that xD

✨Skye✨ | 3163 comments 1/4 (view spoiler)

✨Skye✨ | 3163 comments 2/4 (view spoiler)

✨Skye✨ | 3163 comments 3/4 (view spoiler)

✨Skye✨ | 3163 comments 4/4 (view spoiler)

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