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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Medical romance novel (both hero and heroine are community doctors); enemies-to-lovers; H and h were in the same medical school but the story begins years later. [s]

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Pitapatsummer | 10 comments I've been trying to find this book for days and have scoured all sorts of medical romance lists unsuccessfully. At the beginning of the story, the heroine, who is a community doctor in a small town, is told by her boss (I think he owns the practice) that he's going somewhere for a few months. I think the heroine believes she'll be taking over the practice once he retires, but he surprises her by saying that another doctor will arrive to help her cover his patients while he is gone. The doctor that arrives, the hero, is from the big city. The scene of his arrival, I can remember something about his hot sports car or something. They don't like each other, I think the heroine shows more animosity though. They used to be classmates (schoolmates?) in medical school. The heroine had a scandal because a douche classmate hit on her and ruined her reputation. I can't remember if she was raped and then pictures were put on the school bulletin, but she had some trauma. I remember something about the heroine having a horse. The hero and heroine were given lodging with the job so they lived in the same house I think. Please help me! Thanks in advance hehe

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Anything You Can Do by R.S. Grey?

(Google search - site:www.goodreads.com "contemporary romance" "two doctors" "small town")

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Pitapatsummer | 10 comments Kris wrote: "Anything You Can Do by R.S. Grey?

(Google search - site:www.goodreads.com "contemporary romance" "two doctors" "small town")"

No, this wasn't it. I actually read Anything You Can Do recently and did not finish it as the characters were a bit too petty for me. However, it was actually the reason why I'm looking for this book that I read in the past. Because it had similar plot points with the "inheriting a practice" part but I remember the other one being a lot more touching and more serious (with the subplot of the heroine being a rape victim). In addition, the book I am looking for is set in a more rural town (the heroine owns a horse she rides bareback) that AYCD, and the main characters do not engage in a game of one-upmanship to get a position. It's more the Hero came as a favor I think, and the heroine is more uneasy with him due to him knowing her from medical school. Thanks though! :) I'm actually going through the list of medical romance novels here on goodreads that has 995 books.

Pitapatsummer | 10 comments Hi, just came back here to say that I found the book already and re-read it to make sure.

The Playboy Doctor by Sarah Morgan.

Funny thing is, the title has absolutely nothing to do with the true story, and that's probably why I completely did not connect it to the book. There are also some memory errors on my part that I'd like to correct in case someone else is looking for this book.

This was set in England / Great Britain / The United Kingdom. The senior partner of the practice did not retire or leave the practice to the H and h as competitors, with one of them to inherit. Instead, the senior partner was on leave in Australia and the H was the locum covering for him. Both H and h went to medical school together. The h was NOT raped (as I was suspecting) but she was the victim of a bet of the "make her fall for you, get her in bed, and dump her" type. Perpetrator was NOT the Hero.

Lastly, I liked this better the first time I read it but it was still a good read. Loved the community. :)

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Glad you found the book, Pitapatsummer. Thanks for the update. Here's the link - The Playboy Doctor by Sarah Morgan.

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