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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Kids Fantasy Series - Light-Hearted Parody set in a mysterious woods with cities/towns. Featuring knight-wannabes, badass ladies, talking harps, super-fast non-magic using wizards, and of course, dragons! [s]

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Storyteller_Arc | 5 comments Hey guys, gals and non-binary pals! As the title said, I'm looking for a series of light-hearted fantasy books for kids. I read the series sometime in the 2000s, and it was in English. Sorry, I can't be more help there. I am rather certain that the series has at least four books, however, I've only read 1 & 4. The book covers all had the characters look like they were in a cartoon as well... I think? Hard to remember, sorry.

Book 1 has some of the typical strokes of a fantasy novel. It features a city in a dark and mysterious forest. A young plucky lad who wants to be a knight, and is sent on a quest to head through the Forest to slay a dragon. One that I'm 90% sure lives in a mountain, or mountain range. He’s joined by a lady who I’m pretty sure lives in said forest, and wields a crossbow? I think that’s her weapon of choice? Anyway, I don’t remember the middle bit too much, but I do remember the ending:

(view spoiler)

Now, I think the next two books follow other characters, and one of them is either called ‘Wizard!’ or ‘Wizzard!’. Focusing on the creation of a potion that turns one of the characters into a Wizard. Except instead of being a creature of great magical talent and powers. It gives them the power of super-speed. Pretty useful for traversing the forest and going from settlement to settlement safely.

Book 4 focuses back on the knight and the crossbow lady, who has also picked up a talking harp. They arrive at a city that is beset by a ‘Knightmare’, a knight-looking creature that invades people’s dreams and makes it so they can never wake up! I don’t remember too much of this, except for the fact that the (view spoiler) and that the final confrontation is, of course, a jousting competition between our main hero and the Knightmare! With the Knightmare removing the fencing that keeps the two horses from smashing into one another as they joust.

That’s everything I can recall at this time. Here’s hoping that people can help me find this series. I would love to buy it and read it properly after all these years. Who knows, maybe there are more books in the series as well?

Really hope this is a good and informative opening post, I’ll try my best to answer any questions you might have!

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Storyteller_Arc | 5 comments Yeah, I know how the bumping works, thanks for letting me know. Just wasn't entirely sure what the chances were when I hadn't got a single reply at all, not even any questions to try and narrow it down.

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Bonnie | 222 comments Well, after about a half hour or more of searching, I think I found your series.
Tales of the Dark Forest Series by Steve Barlow

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Storyteller_Arc | 5 comments Well. Damn. That's exactly it, thank you very much!

... Wait there's only 4 books in the series? Awwwww... I was hoping there's more. Can't remember if the series had a satisfying ending or not...

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Bonnie | 222 comments You're welcome :) You can always try his other series.

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