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Stephanie Diaz | 4 comments The book is a bout a teenage girl in high school who can go back in history. Usually she goes back to the same spot and time which is the civil war. When she comes back it’s like nothings happened and the only evidence that she time traveled is the black circles around her eyes. She also cant control it. On one of her trips she accidentally goes back with the popular guy. She then convinced him that they traveled back in time and have to help each other to stay safe. She also meets a black man who is just like her. He accidentally take her back to him time. Their she learns that he’s actually her great uncle and that she go her gift from him. She also gets to help deliver her baby dad. The guy falls for her and they start to date by the end of the book.

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Becca (beccalikesbooks) | 1964 comments Something from the Smart Novels: US History series?

"This series of young adult fiction novels follows Mindy, a teenage girl from modern-day Salem, as she time travels to key moments in American history to fight off alien invasions. Each book highlights approximately 500 historical facts about the period in which the book is set with humorous, engaging lists interspersed throughout. This series supports high school history curricula, but can also can be used to prepare for the A.P. U.S. History SAT subject tests."

There's one set in the Civil War era called Shades of Blue and Gray.

If not, it would help us to know roughly when you read it. And is it one book or a series of books?

Also, as per the group's rules, please provide plot details (no spoilers) and the genre of the book you’re looking for in the Topic Header (i.e. the title of your post). At the moment it says 'What's the name of this book?' which isn't helpful for anyone browsing through the forum so your book is less likely to be recognised.

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Lobstergirl | 37538 comments Mod
Stephanie, please add genre and plot details to your header, since if everyone's header was "what's the name of this book" they would all look identical. Each thread needs to stand out at a single glance.

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Stephanie Diaz | 4 comments Yes!!!!!! Thank you so much the book is called clockwise!!!! And sorry about my header. I didn’t know but I will correct it.

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