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I hate...hate...hate... inconsiderate people..

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message 1: by John (last edited Mar 16, 2008 03:23AM) (new)

John (jonti) Goodness me... people that don't say thank you when you hold a door open... drivers that don't acknowledge you when you let them out.... anyone that never says please or thank you.... idiots that think their music is sooooo good that they must play it loud enough to drown out every noise in the neighbourhood....

Oh... wow... that feels better..

message 2: by Heather (new)

Heather Oh my gosh, I could write a book about hating inconsiderate people!
I HATE people who don't know how to say "excuse me", who violate your personal space by standing mere millimeters behind you in line somewhere, and where you can feel their nasty breath on the back of your neck.
I HATE HATE people who who park their crap, whether it be shopping carts, or huge soccer mom SUVs right smack in the middle of everything.
I HATE HATE HATE people who think that they're the only people that matter in the world; that they have the right to anything and everything they want, right here, right now. And forget anyone else who wants to live their lives because they're entitled to that too.
Yeah, that feels somewhat better. Now if only I could tell that to the next inconsiderate person I meet to their face!

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