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message 1: by Andy (last edited Sep 11, 2019 07:38AM) (new)

Andy Giesler (andy_giesler) | 70 comments My ebook has been exclusive on Amazon (KDP Select) but I'm about to expand to other platforms—B&N and Apple at a minimum. I'm using IngramSpark for print, and am considering using it for wider ebook distribution.

For advertised promotions, I'd like all platforms to reflect the sales price at roughly the same time if possible.

When changing the ebook's price for a promotion through KDP, even though they said to allow 72 hours, I never saw it take more than 8.

- How long do B&N and Apple typically take to post ebook price changes?

- Does it go any faster or slower if you use a distribution service like Smashwords?

- Does working through IngramSpark add a delay to ebook price changes?

message 2: by P.D. (new)

P.D. Workman (pdworkman) I haven't heard anyone with anything positive to say about Ingram's ebook distribution. They're great for print, but they are extremely slow to respond to make any changes or withdraw ebooks. It can take months.

I would recommend listing directly for KDP, B&N, Apple, and Kobo. Then use Smashwords or Draft to Digital for miscellaneous other channels. By listing directly, you can take advantage of promotional opportunities, schedule price changes, etc.

message 3: by Andy (new)

Andy Giesler (andy_giesler) | 70 comments Thanks P.D. I've been very happy with Ingram's print services, but it's good to know I should avoid them for ebook distribution. I plan to use a combination of direct listings and Draft2Sigital—will figure out the best mix.

message 4: by P.D. (new)

P.D. Workman (pdworkman) Kobo - I would go direct with this one. Simple to set up and you cannot participate in their promos if you are set up through a distributor.

B&N - I could not go direct with this one, since I don't have a US address. I'm not aware of any special promos that I miss out on.

Apple - I could go either way on this one. D2D has been doing some special group promos with Apple lately that you can only participate in if you are set up through D2D. So there might be some advantage to letting them handle it. (Besides, Apple is a bear to upload to and figure out how to set up sale prices. Not a good user experience.) But if you want to do group promos outside of D2D, then you can't.

Google - not currently taking on new accounts, but you can apply for one and they will contact you in the future. In the meantime, you can distribute through D2D and just shut off the channel when you get accepted.

message 5: by Andy (new)

Andy Giesler (andy_giesler) | 70 comments P.D. wrote: "Kobo - I would go direct with this one. Simple to set up and you cannot participate in their promos if you are set up through a distributor..."

Makes sense. Thanks again!

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