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The Third Wish (Fairy Realm, #3)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Middle Grade mermaid story where there is a drought and a fish that grants wishes. [s]

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Edie Walls (rarimena) | 8 comments I read this book forever ago, 2007-2008. There is a girl who's town is in a drought and there are fires approaching. Somehow, she finds mermaids, and looks for a way to fix the drought. While she's under water, she thinks what she wants to say instead of saying it. The whole book, she is looking for a fish that grants wishes, and she looks for this magical fish with a mermaid and a non magical fish. The magical fish will grant you three wishes if you free it from a net or something like that. In the climax, the non magical fish gets stuck in the main character's hair and she frees it, and it turns out that (SPOILERS) the non magical fish was the wish fish they were looking for the entire time. The main character uses one of her wishes to go home, and another to wish it would rain.

This book may have been in a series (I feel like I read another with her in a fairy world but I may be remembering wrong). I think she lived with her aunt.

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Edie Walls (rarimena) | 8 comments Yes! That's it!!

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Rosa (rosaiglarsh) | 4984 comments Great.

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