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message 1: by Tanya, Founder & Moderator (new)

Tanya (tanya23510) | 432 comments Mod
So you know how sometimes a smell or sound/song can remind you of somewhere so much that it feels like it can transport you in space and time to that specific time/place?

Well, lately I've noticed that the same thing has happened to me, with books! Certain books can take me back to a lovely memory, or even simply remind me of what was going on in my life at the time I read the book.

Does the same thing happen to you? If so, what books?

For example, for me, when I think of The Fault in Our Stars, I think spring time and living at my boyfriend's house with his family while we were saving up for a house; when I think of Becoming, I think of Winter and looking at the rain through the Bus window whilst listening the Audiobook, on my way home from work; and when I think of Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology I think of the beginning of summer and starting this Book Club 😊

message 2: by Kelsey (new)

Kelsey (kelso30) | 82 comments A Tree Grows in Brooklyn I always remember reading that book at my aunts house, even though I only started it there, it was a beautiful old hardback and she was so excited someone was reading it she let me take it home to finish after Thanksgiving dinner.
And Summer Sisters always makes me think of my friend Tiffany from jr high, I would read it aloud to her and it was probably the first time I realized I had a friend who actually liked books. I also think of her house and being kicked back in a chair in her room reading before anyone else was awake when I think of My Sweet Audrina.

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