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Beate | 6 comments I am posting this on behalf of someone else, hoping to track down an old short story. Hopefully this rings a bell for one of you:

I hope you can help me find a short story I read many years ago. I don’t know the author’s name. I believe I first read it in a textbook that was a compilation of short stories, essays and other examples of writing and storytelling.
Here's a brief description of the story:
It was about a man who lived all his life in the same village and when he died was buried in the local cemetery. The story is about how he was remembered and then ultimately forgotten over the passage of time.
I don't remember for sure but I think it was set somewhere in Europe maybe in 1800's.
He was a carpenter and furniture maker. There were examples of how the memory of him and his existence on earth, eventually disappeared in the years following his death:
1. A desk he had built for a customer was being moved and the receipt he had hand-written for payment flew out of a drawer and blew away. That was the last of anything he had ever written.
2. An old woman lay dying and she remembered a young man she had once known - that was the last time he was ever thought about by another person.
3. One cold and cruel winter, the wooden cross on his grave was stolen and used for firewood. That was the last remaining sign he had ever existed.

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