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The Looking Glass Factor
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. children's/YA SF with cats that were scientists and a girl learning to use telekinesis. [s]

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Jessica Silva | 3 comments I read this in my school library in the late 1980s. I remember that the protagonist was a girl who was learning to use telekinesis with the help of her cat friends who were a species with human intelligence. The cats were scientists who used a prosthesis to be able to have manual dexterity like a human. The two races were living on the same planet or possibly space station in harmony but I don't remember whether the feline species was alien in origin.

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Adele | 1200 comments This sounds like The Looking Glass Factor The Looking Glass Factor by Judith M. Goldberger

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Jessica Silva | 3 comments Wow! From the little bit I read online about this book I think you have done it. I'm going to order a used copy so my 10 year old daughter can read it too. Thanks!

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Kris | 32292 comments Mod
I see your request is marked Solved. Glad you found your book, Jessica. Hope your daughter enjoys it as well.

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Adele | 1200 comments You're very welcome. I also read this from my school library in the 1980s and it was very memorable. :) Hope your daughter likes it.

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