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message 1: by ♥Tricia♥, Group Lead (new)

♥Tricia♥ (siddie) | 1167 comments Mod
If you had to choose just ONE series and those were the only books you were able to read (as in no other books existed!) Which series would that be? And why?

message 2: by Book Huntress (new)

Book Huntress (bookhuntress) | 84 comments oh wow tough question....

If you had asked me a couple weeks ago I'd probably have answered Anne Bishops Black Jewel series, I could not tell you how many times I have read it. However, I am currently on book 3 of the Black Dagger Brotherhood and I think it could give it a run for its money.....

DarkHeart "Vehngeance" (darkheart) | 168 comments LOL... I'm never content to choose a favorite. Can I choose one UF series and one PNR series? ;)

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

Oh wow. If I had to pick one.... I think it would be Immortals After Dark by Kresley Cole... I think.

message 5: by Yz the Whyz (new)

Yz the Whyz (whyz) | 232 comments From the top of my head, without thinking hard, it would probably be Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series.

A close second would be Singh's Psy/Changeling series...LOL..I know, just one, but I have to sneak that in..LOL

DarkHeart "Vehngeance" (darkheart) | 168 comments Hah... well, if Yz can do it...

I would also choose J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood, but I'd also really want to have Ilona Andrews' Kate Daniels series as well. ;)

message 7: by ♥Tricia♥, Group Lead (new)

♥Tricia♥ (siddie) | 1167 comments Mod
I know its a hard question hehe answer how you like (even if you have to split genres hehe)

But my ultimate series choice would be the Dark-Hunters.

For a few reasons. While I adore the brothers more.. the world Kenyon has created goes way beyond (it seems to me anyhow) anything Ward has created in her books (thus far).

I love reading the mythology she incorporates as well as each individual story and HEA. The more you read the more you find out about other characters that you had read about before which is a delight in itself.

The second reason is, well there are A LOT of them and well a girl needs books to read! :D

message 8: by Caleb (new)

Caleb (ccp981) That is a tough one!
I guess that I would have to choose the Merry Gentry series. I have been following it since book one was brand new, what was that - eight years ago? I am pretty invested at this point!

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

i would have to say hands down Black Dagger Brotherhood series... and i would hope that she keeps on writing i love those books :)

message 10: by ♦Jennifer♦ (new)

♦Jennifer♦ (thejenneral) | 83 comments Honestly there is no way I could choose just one, but if I HAD to, then I guess the Rachel Morgan/ The Hallows would be the series that might keep me interested the longest.

I've never read the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, but with all of you guys saying how good it is I'm gonna have to check it out. :)

message 11: by Unapologetic_Bookaholic, Co-Lead (new)

Unapologetic_Bookaholic | 902 comments Mod
The Dark Hunters is what brought me fully into loving the world of paranormal romance. So its DH for me. Ditto to what Trish said =D.

message 12: by Katt (new)

Katt I agree Dark Hunters could not give up Acheron, and it combines so many fantasy world's

message 13: by Lu (new)

Lu Ok i would have to choose The Twilight series, i know i know :P

message 14: by Jessi (new)

Jessi  (jessim) I don't think I could survive with just one series, but if I had to it would probably be the Black Dagger Brotherhood. I love those books, and they have enough of everything in them to keep me interested. :)

message 15: by ♥Tricia♥, Group Lead (new)

♥Tricia♥ (siddie) | 1167 comments Mod
Yeah I REALLY do love my some brothers. So it definately wasn't easy to not choose them hehe.

Mmmm Butch! /drools

I don't think I can live without the Dark-Hunter world though. Its so immense and the amount of books really helps the choice hehe.

message 16: by pianogal (new)

pianogal, wait, Harry, Harry...AHHHH! I can't choose!!!

message 17: by Ann (new)

Ann | 25 comments The Black Dagger Brotherhood series.
I have this habit; if I don't have anything new to read I go into my personal library and I'll pick up one of the books from the series. I'll think to myself "oh I'll read just one until I get something new" Yeah right! The brothers are freaking potato chips...I'll read one, then the next, then I'll pick up the first one and read the whole series again. I've read Lover Eternal and Lover awakened 6 or 7 times the rest 5 times. I know, I know please help me.

message 18: by Paula (new)

Paula (pauldajo) I believe I would choose the Tortall books by Tamora Pierce. I like her universe and characters and there are a lot of books. If I'm going to read them over and over at least I'd get some variety. I'd get grumpy not being able to read other books, though. Even if they didn't exist!

message 19: by Cindi (new)

Cindi (ourtrumpcard) Yes the Brothers are potato chips!!! But I think I have to go with "the World of Dark Hunter" for the volume and variety. Plus I unfortunately did not like Lover Avenged, the last book.

message 20: by ♥Tricia♥, Group Lead (new)

♥Tricia♥ (siddie) | 1167 comments Mod
Oh wow I loved Lover Avenged. I guess that just proves we all have such different tastes :D

message 21: by Sarah (new)

Sarah  | 276 comments My choice changes with my moods, but I think right now I'd choose the Black Dagger Brotherhood.

message 22: by AmandaG (new)

AmandaG (amandag3) | 73 comments If it's only from PNR I would choose BDB. If it's any genre, then I'd say Suzanne Brockmann's Troubleshooter/SEAL series.

message 23: by Allison (new)

Allison | 5 comments Right now I would have to say Black Dagger Brotherhood. Each book is amazing and unique and she is still going which is one of the reasons I picked this. I have reread the Twiligh Saga quite a few times just because I like them so much...

message 24: by ♥Tricia♥, Group Lead (new)

♥Tricia♥ (siddie) | 1167 comments Mod
The brothers do hold a certain appeal. But oh how I love me some Dark-Hunters :D

I have been meaning to reread the brothers but I have so much on my TBR that I haven't gotten to it yet lol

message 25: by ♥Tricia♥, Group Lead (new)

♥Tricia♥ (siddie) | 1167 comments Mod
In light of a new #1.. I have decided to change my answer to this discussion question to the Rachel Morgan series by Kim Harrison.

I love this series so much that if I had to choose just one, that it would be this one.

message 26: by Lu (new)

Lu Mine is still Twilight, but Harry Potter and Vampire Academy are very close :)

message 27: by Narnies (new)

Narnies Fever series by Karen Marie Moning, and if you have to ask me why then you've never read them!

P.s - KMM, if you're reading this you should give me a job, i do alot of advertising for you!!!

message 28: by ♥Tricia♥, Group Lead (new)

♥Tricia♥ (siddie) | 1167 comments Mod
I havent yet Ariana!!

I do have her first book and never seem to get around to reading it lol.

I will have to incorporate it in one of the challenges in the future :P

message 29: by Barbara ★ (new)

Barbara ★ I have to concur with most everyone, Black Dagger Brotherhood is my number one choice. But in another genre it would have to be The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. Those books are 800-1000 pages long and so far there are 7 of them. Lots of books, lots of pages, great plots, and Jamie Fraser. Yummy!

message 30: by Narnies (new)

Narnies huh, i read the very first one... are the others just as good???

message 31: by Barbara ★ (new)

Barbara ★ I assume you mean Outlander. YES! There are parts of all of them that drag and drag but the overall story is fantastic and well worth the read.

If you're talking BDB, YES!!!

message 32: by Narnies (new)

Narnies lol, i've read BDB. Was wondering about Outlander, thankyou though! I may put it on my tbr list along with my billion other books :)

message 33: by Jackie (new)

Jackie (Literary Escapism) (literaryescapism) The first series that popped into my head was the Anita Blake from Laurell K. Hamilton. She was my first true UF series, plus you get shapeshifter, vampire and necromantic stories, so it's not all involving one type of supe.

HOWEVER, I will say that both Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress and Ilona Andrews's Kate Daniels series come in very close to being chosen. If I can take three, those would be it.

message 34: by ♥Tricia♥, Group Lead (new)

♥Tricia♥ (siddie) | 1167 comments Mod
Kate Daniels series for me comes in second.. I LOVE that series :D

message 35: by Brenda (new)

Brenda Backman | 13 comments Kresley Cole Immortals After Dark. Its such a great series and she is wonderful writer.

message 36: by Arlene (new)

Arlene | 2 comments Ilona Andrew's Kate Daniels series followed by Richelle Mead's Succubus Series although Fever BY KMM comes close too.

message 37: by ♥Tricia♥, Group Lead (new)

♥Tricia♥ (siddie) | 1167 comments Mod
I also love the Kate Daniels series.. it was a toss up for me :D
Never read the other, I will have to check it out.

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