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Brandy Mars | 93 comments Barbie Girl In A Fourth Wave Feminist World:

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Lonki M | 4 comments
Delicius salads to lose weight

Lettora (I'm Booked!) | 29 comments For book reviews, discussions and weekly fun facts visit:

Thanks - Lettora :)

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Zaidhan | 6 comments

any feedback is welcome.(Y)

this is the facebook page linked to my blog

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Ben Maxwell | 5 comments check out my blog.

just moved to Prague, Czech Republic!

thanks, ben

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Steven | 3 comments Hi Everyone,

My blog is . I provide tips for entrepreneurs who are new or struggling in their business. Feedback is greatly appreciated :)

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Lisa Addison | 2 comments Hi! My blog is

It's a general parenting blog with posts about: Adoption, fostering, family, faith, food, travel, writing, etc. I'm a single woman who adopted both of my children through the foster care system. I look forward to following some of the blogs I've come across here. And I hope that some of you will consider following my blog. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

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Maiko | 9 comments

Interesting thoughts and feelings about everything in life. Read, comment and follow if you like.

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Maiko | 9 comments

Interesting thoughts and feelings about everything in life. Read, comment and follow if you like.

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Echo | 26 comments is my blog i've been working on! I'm trying to get 20 views today!

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Bumhwan | 4 comments

I hope you find this interesting, its just personally a blogpost of what it's like to live a life of a twin. You know u dont have a twin everyday.. :) ENJOY!

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Here is the link to my blog!
You can check it out here at : http://climbingthroughtomorrow.blogsp...

I hope you all enjoy reading it! If you do then you could click the follow and hare button!
Thank you!

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Alex (F_ImInCollege) | 1 comments Hello everyone! My blog is a quite sarcastic type of blog!! If you like rants or comedy you can check it at:

If you enjoy, feel free to follow!
I hope you all enjoy! Thank you!

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David Nielson | 12 comments My blog is of movie reviews, plot holes, mistakes, cliches, and other various top 10 list. Come check us out!
Our Facebook page is Thanks for liking us!

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Vishwajeet Karmwar About a fathers love for his son.

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Lauren Malcolm | 2 comments this is my blog :-), its about my journey within ttc. and other stuff eventually, i have just started out and not brilliant at this. xo

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Jakov Fisel | 2 comments Check our my blog
Its a blog about work&travel on a cruise ship.

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Christine Cox | 1 comments This is a blog dedicated to parents with tips on how to keep their kids healthy, exercising and eating right!

message 24: by I (new)

I Am | 1 comments Hey people!

I recently started a BEAUTY and CLOTHING blog! I'm a music and beauty lover and wanna share my passion with everyone!



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Nohaila Gamal | 9 comments Guys check out my blog. Thank you.

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Digviay Ghosh | 4 comments Guys check out my blog :

message 27: by Mel (new)

Mel E. (melissaedre) | 4 comments Check out my fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog:

-M.E. Xx

message 28: by La (new)

La Sheera | 3 comments Hi everyone,

I discuss latest topics and books on my
I interview authors, book reviewers and bloggers on

message 29: by Abbie (last edited Nov 05, 2014 01:25PM) (new)

Abbie Dickinson | 6 comments Hi!
Please check out my blog on beauty! i have recently uploaded 2 Halloween make-up looks. <3 <3 <3 Thank you!


You can follow my blog on bloglovin here:

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Bumhwan | 4 comments

its about my life as a twin and a christian

message 31: by Nestor (new)

Nestor Nidome | 19 comments How To 10X Your Life Live Hangout With Brian Cain $70,000 Blogger -->

message 32: by Joyful (new)

Joyful Jobot | 3 comments Hey everyone :) I recently started a lifestlyle blog at For the next few months it's probably going to focus more on food & nutrition, fitness, and natural remedies for beauty and overall health. At some point in the summer, I'll be going to Europe and staying there for a year so it'll turn into more of a travel blog. I'd love it if you guys would check it out!

Also, I would love it if you'd follow me on social media! I'll mostly just post blog updates & try not to clutter your news feed (promise!)
FB -
Insta -

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Plating Pixels | 5 comments Plating Pixels food blog:

Recipes,food photography and cooking tips to help you become a better cook.

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Maha (bloggerofstars) | 4 comments Hii. I would really like you guys to check out my blog. It is a writing blog with everything from short stories, drabbles, to poems and notes. I hope any one of you gets some inspiration from it and enjoy it. I would appreciate feedback and criticism. Thanks in advance. Happy readingg. :)

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Nestor Nidome | 19 comments Tony Robbins Video on How to get People to Take Action



I watched this video about two years ago and thought it was really powerful, but I went on and still didn’t get the results I anted in life, until I really paid attention to what it says!


message 37: by John (new)

John Zwerenz (goodreadscomjohnlzwerenz-name) | 4 comments TODAY'S CRISIS OF VIOLENCE IN AMERICA by John Lars Zwerenz

Link To Article:

message 38: by Elias (new)

Elias | 1 comments Hey bloggers!

Going to launch my new blog soon and I wanted to share it with you guys first. I'd love some feedback.

You're awesome!

message 39: by Nestor (new)

Nestor Nidome | 19 comments John wrote: "TODAY'S CRISIS OF VIOLENCE IN AMERICA by John Lars Zwerenz

Link To Article:"

Very cool article!

message 40: by Bethany (new)

Bethany Brown | 2 comments Please visit my blog at

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Incredible India | 1 comments free internet tips and trick

message 44: by Bumhwan (new)

Bumhwan | 4 comments
please do visit.
Kpop,kdrama, kfood,khistory...more to come

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Nestor Nidome | 19 comments Using Bridge Marketing To Live Your Passion And Get Paid For Doing So

In today’s article I’ll be showing how Bridging your passion to your financial freedom is simpler than you might think.

I am safe to say that very one has a passion. I am also safe to say that most people never get to make their passion their main source of income, so I decided to spread the word and let the masses know that you can live your passion and get paid to do so with a little thing called Bridge Marketing.


message 46: by Chloe (new)

Chloe Davies | 3 comments I'm fairly new to blogging but love doing it so much! I hope you love it too!

message 47: by Sadkhin (new)

Sadkhin Weight loss pa-de | 2 comments Please check out my blog, I will be posting recipes to try while losing weight.

message 48: by Vanessa (new)

Vanessa | 7 comments

Its a blog about a girl who was in an abusive relationship like the girl from the book "But I love him" from Amanda Grace.

Check it out! <3

help me fight abusive relationships, through experiences !!!!!!

But I Love Him

message 49: by Sanat (last edited Jan 09, 2015 12:04AM) (new)

Sanat Sinha | 1 comments - Elves Blog is a common platform which shares news, stories, reviews, technology and other interesting blogs.

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Jodi Massie | 1 comments I'm new to blogging please leave feedback

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