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message 1: by Pat (new)

Pat Bertram (patbertram) | 43 comments Mod
It seems as if there are as many ways of discovering books as there are readers, but I'm curious as to how you choose the books you want to read. Do you go by reviews? By recommendations from friends? Because you're familiar with other works by the author? Do you ever read a book because of an ad you saw? Because of a blog article? Because of a mention on a website such as Goodreads? Do you cruise book stores, libraries, or online sites like Amazon? Do you find them some way I haven't mentioned, such as gifts, perhaps?

message 2: by Sharon (new)

Sharon (fiona64) Honestly, I read the blurbs on the back and decide whether it sounds interesting. If someone I particularly trust recommends a book, I am much more likely to read it. If I've read something else by the author and enjoyed it, I'll check out a new work.

message 3: by Michael (new)

Michael Personal recommendations and reviews can help but tastes vary so much it is always a gamble. I focused for awhile on Giller Prize winners. Some were excellent - others left me scratching my head wondering what the judges were on that day! Once I find an author I like I will try to read most of their books. In short, no secret formula. More of a gut instinct, I guess.

message 4: by Patrick (new)

Patrick (horrorshow) | 12 comments I usually am drawn to the concept of what's happening in the book, and if the first few sentences grabbed my attention and sustained it in varying degrees.

message 5: by S.A. (new)

S.A. (suerule) | 5 comments Pretty much the same as Sharon. If I like an author I'll try other works by them, until I either run out of titles, or they start writing the same story over again. Otherwise, I read the blurb, and see if I like the sound of it.

Recently, my to read list has been getting out of hand. I'm meeting new authors through our UK INdependent Authors group - and they all seem to be writing fascinatingly original stories.

Wish I knew how to get all this excellent work in front of more readers.

message 6: by ♥Tricia♥ (last edited Aug 28, 2009 05:59PM) (new)

♥Tricia♥ (siddie) For me it can be several different reasons.

1. If I like the author already I am most likely going to pick up other books from that author (in the same series or otherwise)

2. If a friend that likes a lot of the authors I like and suggests an author or book based on what she knows I like, I will usually give it a try. 9 times out of 10 I end up loving the book - Then see #1.

3. Some challenges I get into, on purpose to broaden my reading and author/book listing, allow me to try things I normally wouldnt try. Like some of the *pick it for me* challenges that a few of the groups I am in do. We are placed into pairs (after a week of sign ups) and then your paired person picks a book for you that is NOT on your TBR list (and you pick for them). Its a *think outside the box* sort of challenge.
These are hit and miss but its another way I have found new authors

4. When I go to the bookstore to buy something, I do browse and read blurbs and that is another way I get interested in new authors/books.

5. On the rare occasion I have been in groups that had authors visit often and gotten to know the author and found that I really liked their personality. So much so that I end up picking up one of their books to see what it was like. This is not something that happens to me often, most authors are busy and dont get to peruse groups and chat a lot but it has happened and I have found some great books that way.

6. Some authors have actually sent me invitations (I am sure a lot of them do this and it annoys alot of people when they do) for contests and book signings and what not and I have found some good books this way too from following up with what they were offering and ended up seeing that the books they were advertising were right up my alley.
Again this one is rare for me also but it has happened to me a time or two.

7. Browsing goodreads and friends profiles/book lists has also helped me out a TON in finding new authors/books to read. If I see someone who has a lot of books in common with me I will browse their other books that I am not familiar with and that has opened up a ton of authors and books to me and I am so glad for goodreads :)

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

Hi, Pat--Favorite authors always come first--I'm loyal if she/he keeps the same standard. After that, since colors and artwork affect me, I look at the cover. Many big authors have similar covers, and most are rather bland. Even so, I'll check out the book if I like that particular writer. But something new--often the cover sells me or turns me off--next the blurb. After the first two sentences I can tell if want to read it or not.One thing that usually turns me off: someone telling me--"You HAVE to read this!" I always react negatively to that--I don't know why. Celia

message 8: by Sheila (new)

Sheila | 51 comments My husband chooses a lot of books for me, very successfully - he likes series, and he points me towards series with female protagonists.

When I'm in a bookstore, the cover and title might make me look at the blurb. And the blurb might make me look inside - usually first pages and a few from the middle.

If I've heard of an author (and I'm hearing of lots more authors through the internet) I'm much more likely to buy the book. The more often I hear the author's name, and the more interesting their blogs and comments are, the more likely I am to buy.

And Celia, I usually react badly to "You HAVE to," as well.

message 9: by Pat (new)

Pat Bertram (patbertram) | 43 comments Mod
This is good to know. Lately, I've read several good books from small press publishers, and I'd like to help get the word out, but I don't know how or where. I appreciate the input.

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

Pat Bertram wrote: "This is good to know. Lately, I've read several good books from small press publishers, and I'd like to help get the word out, but I don't know how or where. I appreciate the input."

Pat--I'm a member of several romance loops, all connected with small presses,so those wouldn't be the kind you'd like.I think blogs are great, and I've sold books though mine--not because I promote my own books, but because I feature other authors and have essays, though a little schmaltzy at times,that readers apparently like. I write once a week, and I try to do one motivational blog month. Those usually get a good response.I comment on others' blogs quite a bit--I really do like them, and when I find a great one, I feel like I've won a prize. Then I know more about that author, and she knows more about me. But to have a blog requires promoting it someplace--via the Yahoo loops for me.Celia

message 11: by Arch (new)

Arch I read the back cover and prologue, if it sounds good to me, I'll read it. If a buddy recommends a book to me and I can get it, I'll read it.

message 12: by Renee (new)

Renee (rjmiller) If I'm in a store, just looking I'll read the blurb and the first page. If it doesn't interest me after that, I put it back.

I'll read books that friends recommend as well. I don't go by reviews, everyone's tastes differ so widely. Sometimes a negative review will get me to read the book just to see if it was right. Often, it's not.

Most often, if I've read the author and liked them, I'll pick up the book simply because they've written it. Not always a good idea, but most often I'm satisfied.

Oh and since being on Goodreads, I've found a lot of authors that i would never have known about otherwise. I've read books recommended by groups or people here, or just bought it because I like the author and what they've written on their profiles.

message 13: by Susan (new)

Susan Gottfried (westofmars) I often react the same way to that "You HAVE to" statement -- but it depends on who's saying it. If it's someone I know, then yeah, I HAVE to. If it's some generic order, forget it. That usually means it's not for me.

Likewise, when I talk about books on my blog, I will only talk about the books or authors I've truly loved for one reason or another. I want a trust with my readers that the book or author I'm talking about is up to the Susan Standard. That's why I won't accept the publisher offers to read/review/give away books like so many of my book blogging friends do.

One way I've found a ton of new authors has been through online book trading. I know, I know. Royalties. I'm a published writer, too. I DO know. But I also know that I am buying more books and more vested in authors thanks to book trading. I no longer worry about throwing $30 away on a hardback I won't like. Instead, I spend $30 on an author I've tried on the cheap, whose books I'd have never bought before.

message 14: by Stormi (BMReviewsohmy) (last edited Aug 30, 2009 08:51AM) (new)

Stormi (BMReviewsohmy) (bmreviewsohmy) I will look for my favorite authors, then I will look at covers, that will make me look at the blurb on the back. I am always trying new authors because I am a book reviewer, so I am constantly finding great new authors and some not so great I just simple like to read, fiction that is. :)

message 15: by Rebeca (new)

Rebeca Schiller | 2 comments I tend to always go to trade books rather than mass market. From there, believe it or not, I look at the cover. If it looks like there was a lot of thought put in the cover's artwork, I'll pick it up and read the back cover's blurb. But, as one who has a book review site (WARNING: plug for I go straight to the source: the publisher's website and see what's new and interesting. I also find publishers' tweets as a good source for what's new to read.

message 16: by Dawn (new)

Dawn (dawn9655) I tend to read the blurb on the back of a paperback, or on the inside flap of a dustcover. I will occasionally see what critics say, but more often go with what other authors of the same genre say. Once in a great while, I will read the book that just falls out of the clear blue sky.....

message 17: by Yale (last edited Aug 30, 2009 10:40AM) (new)

Yale | 2 comments Disclaimer: I am the author of a book and I participate in the sites suggested below:

Here's a couple ways to find terrific books by undiscovered authors, as well as help spread the word about writers you have found:

1) Check out the author based discussion boards on Amazon. There are lots and lots of these by genre. I participate in 2 of them: a) in the sports section, Authors tell us about your sports novels, and b) in the thriller section, Shameless Self-Promotion by Authors.

Both of these discussion boards have authors touting their wares, but readers also post reviews and comments. The threads of discussion are very interesting, sometimes a reader will question parts of the plotline or comment on a possible improvement. I love the interaction between writers and readers. There are hundreds of books on these two boards alone.

2) Also check out the discussion boards at . It doesn't matter if you have a Knidle or not, there are several forums by readers, and by authors, most books available in Kindle and print. kindleboards polices content very well, and puts limits on over-zealous authors.

Most of the authors on these boards crave reader feedback and dialog. I hope to see you there!

Yale R Jaffe
author, Advantage Disadvantage

message 18: by Gabby-Lily (new)

Gabby-Lily Raines (glraines) | 15 comments With me it depends.

I have a couple of friends that, if they recommend something, I will definitely check the titles out.

I have 4-5 authors that are auto-buys as I really like their books.

As far as new (to me) reads, it depends. Most times it's a combination of cover art, back blurb, last few pages of book (hasn't spoiled it for me yet), and/or a combination of the above. And I am a bit leery of picking up new reads - I love reading and finding 'new' authors, but it's always a gamble if I will like the book/author.

Since I've started reviewing, that's helped too on whether or not I will pick up a certain author or genre in the future.

message 19: by Sheila (new)

Sheila | 51 comments Hearing about a book or an author enough times to fix the name in my memory helps too. I get emails from goodreads when friends review books, so that's one of the things that jabs my memory. Book reviews and interviews on blogs help too - once I've read a name often enough I start looking out for more.

I suspect the most important thing for me is still stores and the chance to pick up the real book, turn it over, open it, etc., but I've bought a number of books recently that I couldn't find in stores, so maybe internet connections are beginning to catch up for me.

message 20: by Rodney (last edited Sep 01, 2009 09:21PM) (new)

Rodney Barnes (rodneylb) | 12 comments Hello Second Wind Publishing:

I have to thank you for emailing me. At the moment I am trying to find to good agency/publisher who will get my books out there to all book stores! I made a bad choice on the company that I got to publish my book. Yes, it was a learning experience!

The book I wrote/published is based on a true story about my life. It talks about an aimless youth experiences a major Traumatic Brain Injury, coma, and eventually relearns everything over again at 21 that resets his priorities and gets him on the right path to dicover the educational system, life, and God.

My life before the accident is way different after the accident. I have many feedbacks on this book and people are simply amazed that I have become the person I am today, several years since this accident.

You can read some of them by visiting (they will be found on the "sharing your miracle page" and then clicking onto the "share your miracle" in the center of page. This will bring up "My Forum" where discussions are found. You will see "Friends talking about My Miracle".

My question to you is: Are you a good publishing company? Can you get my book out there to book stores and will it cost me anything to get your help?

I made a bad choice and NOW want book stores ALL OVER wanting to purchase my book and carry it... Please let me know, if you are what I do need, then we must talk.


message 21: by Kainani (new)

Kainani (kainanz) | 1 comments 1. I use Amazon's "Recommendation For You". I log on and enter all the books I've read. I find that their recommendation works the best. They recommend books based on what I'm reading. The more books you enter, the more recommendations you get.

2. I also utilize Goodreads & Shelfari. By friending other people with similar reading habits, I can find books and authors I haven't read yet.

3. I keep a separate Facebook account in which I friend only authors & other avid readers. This way I get updates and stumble upon new authors. I keep a separate account because I like my book activity kept separate.

4. My Twitter account is mostly following authors. Another way to know what's coming out.

5. I visit author blogs or other reader blogs. You can find a lot of new books, reviews and contests on blog sites.

l always use Amazon to research unfimiliar books and get reader ratings and/or reviews. This helps me a great deal. But what really sinks me into buying a book or wanting to know more about it is, the cover. It's gotta have an eye catching cover. Once the cover grabs my attention, then I'll read the product description.

message 22: by Anastasia (new)

Anastasia (the_book_girl) | 4 comments I read reviews of new books weekly in The New Yorker, Newsweek, The Daily Beast, Wired, Slate, many other places online. I can mostly tell if I'm interested by reading the reviews and I put it on my list to read. OH YEAH, is a fabulous resource for really great books.

message 23: by Ester (new)

Ester (esterlopez) I have a ton of books that I haven't read yet, but will someday. I've been to writing conferences where I've heard authors speak about writing. When they talk about their books, I look up their current novel and purchase them when I can. Mostly, I think I choose the books I read from recommendations from other readers as well as from meeting/knowing the author. I try to keep up with some authors, by reading more of their work. And sometimes, I get lucky and someone gives me a book to read.

message 24: by PDXReader (new)

PDXReader I will often start at, since the site does a very good job of weeding down the large number of books out there to ones that I'm more likely to enjoy. I then check out the reader reviews on both Amazon & Goodreads. If the consensus is under 4 on Amazon or 3.75 on Goodreads, I generally pass on it.

message 25: by Doug (new)

Doug Bradshaw I read reviews on the New York Times and in Entertainment Weekly every week. If there's a book that both love that sounds intriguing to me, I order it on Amazon. Like everyone else here, I follow certain authors and read almost everything they put out. I also follow my Goodread friends and sometimes, a review will hit me and I'll order the book. I found "Girl With a Dragon Tattoo" that way and several others.

message 26: by Stacie (new)

Stacie (stacieh) My favorite way to find new books or authors is to cruise the bookstore (and by 'cruise' I mean wander around for hours on end, LOL)... I usually start by browsing a specific genre- whatever I happen to be in the mood for at the time. I'll start looking at the most interesting sounding titles, narrow down by the synopsis on the back cover/ fly leaf (if there isn't one, nine times out of ten I'll put the book back without looking any further). If I'm still interested after that, I'll read the first paragraph. From that I can usually tell if a book is worth my time, effort and money.

If I already have an idea of what I'm looking for I like to use sites like Amazon (I love the 'Look Inside' feature) or Better World Books because of the huge selection and the convenience.

On the rare occasions I'm following up on a suggestion from someone else (a formal book review, a recommendation from a friend, etc.) I have to be able to read a sample because, for me, writing style is the single most important influence on whether I will enjoy- or even be able to finish- a book.

message 27: by Maria (new)

Maria | 1 comments Since joining Goodreads and befriending several unknown writers (like myself) I have found lots of great books by unknown writers and so nowadays I tend to look on Goodreads first when I'm looking for a book to read. I rarely buy bestsellers because it's usually just hype, and I hate being disappointed by a book. As money is a factor these days because I'm redundant, I also look for free downloads of ebooks, or free books sent to me for review by authors, or charity shops. Recently I was lucky enough to find a box outside someones house full of books they were throwing away, so I chose a few of those to read. As long as a book is well written and can hold my interest I'll read it, I don't always go for any particular genre.

message 28: by Jewel (new)

Jewel (jewela) | 17 comments I read the blurb. If it grabs my interest enough, then I read it. Sometimes I go by the suggestions of others, not always, though, because there have been times that friends will say how great a book is, then I read it and hate it. I'm a finicky reader:-)

message 29: by LaVerne (new)

LaVerne (lavernethompson) | 2 comments First of all let me say the standard disclaimer. I am an author, but I am also a reader and this is how I tend to purchase books.

First like pretty much everyone I start with my favorite authors. They're tried and true and rarely let me down. Next if an ad catches my eye I'll look for the blurb or excerpt of the book. Now mind I belong to a slew of writers and readers magazines and online newsletters so I see a lot of ads. If I'm in the bookstore, if the cover catches my eye I'll take a look at the first paragraph in the book and the blurb.

Next would be trusted friends casually solicited recommendations. I shy away from any out of the blue 'ohmygod you have to read this book' also I might get around to reading it but only after I've looked at an excerpt and the first chapter.

Now here is my statement against interest I almost never rely on reader reviews. I've been disappointed too many times. I've come to realize like our life experiences our interpretations are colored by them when we do reviews. If all I have are reader reviews I look at the best and compare it to the worst and understand the truth is probably somewhere in-between. I do give professional reviews print and online more weight.

LaVerne Thompson
Author of Sensual Romance

message 30: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 2 comments Sometimes I check out books based on other peoples suggestions, but I like to look up books on and like on "look inside", it lets you read some of the first pages of the book. Thats one way I like to find good books, also they have a list of other books either by the same author or in the same category so I usually check those out too. Also, I always look in the back of the books I read, lots of times good books by other authors are mention so I check those out. Also I like to go in the book section in stores and check out the selections they have. Whatever books they have that look interesting to me I write it down, look it up online and if it something Id like to read I try to find it at the library.

message 31: by Danielle The Book Huntress (Winter Frost Queen) (last edited Sep 02, 2009 05:02AM) (new)

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Winter Frost Queen)  (gatadelafuente) Pat Bertram wrote: "It seems as if there are as many ways of discovering books as there are readers, but I'm curious as to how you choose the books you want to read. Do you go by reviews? By recommendations from frien..."

I pick books by blurb, kind of story it is, whether I've enjoyed other books by this author, types of characters they write about, reviews, any number of those ways. Also by books recommended by Amazon. Goodreads has been a great way to pick books. I see what my GR friends are reading and read reviews on books.

message 32: by [deleted user] (new)

I'm building a book list based on friends referrals, reviews, blurbs, etc. As I'm trying to read everything all the time I'm not particular as to where my book suggestions come from.

message 33: by Valjeanne (last edited Sep 02, 2009 05:27AM) (new)

Valjeanne Jeffers | 5 comments Honestly, I very seldom read reveiws. I usually pick up a book and read the blurb on the back cover and maybe skim the first 1-2 pages. If an author doesn't grab me by the first page or so (unless he or she is one of my favorites) I just move on. This is a rule of thumb though (smile).If I'm somewhere and bored out of my mind (doctor's office/laugh) I'll read just about anything.

And since I know what moves me about a book, I strived to create the same "pull" when I write. I always read that you have to grab a reader in the first 5 pages (smile).

I've been known to cruise libraries looking for new material and I've found a lot of fantatsic reads this way -- like Octavia Butler, Tananarive Due, Sarah Zettel, Tad Williams (before everyone starting raving about them/smile). Or maybe they were raving and I just wasn't paying any attention! My favorite authors usually take the top rung, but an awesome cover, blurb etc will hook me everytime (smile).

message 34: by Colleen (new)

Colleen Before I came to good reads, I would find the books just browsing in the library or go to (you put in the book you like and the search engine tells you what other people have bought).
I have searched or put the book I like in the regular google search engine and write, "if you liked (bookname) then you'll like?" and a ton of books come up that way. I would only seldom go to a book store or a book warehouse. Now, I get all my recommendations from goodreads :-) AAHHHH isn't life much easier now!!

message 35: by Bravenewworker (last edited Sep 02, 2009 05:40AM) (new)

Bravenewworker | 1 comments I usually walk through the fiction aisles of the book store and scan spines until I see a title or author that grabs my attention, then I'll read the blurb and the first few lines to make sure the writing or story isn't horrific. I usually try picking up a book that's something I should have already read, like a classic, or a book by an author I've never heard of as these usually surprise me by being some of the best I've read. While I generally avoid genre fiction, I still like a diversified selection, so I try to read many authors and don't usually follow specific ones unless I'm a big fan and really enjoy their work.

message 36: by Shane (new)

Shane I take reviews ( good ones) seriously. I follow certain authors and their themes. I browse bookstores, libraries. I attend author readings. These are all the places that go to I pick up the books I want to read.

After awhile one develops a "nose" for a good book - just like one gets a hunch about a good bottle of wine.

I prefer not to swap books with fellow writers for mutual reviews - what happens if I hate the book, or they hate mine?

I also try not to have more than a dozen books in my "to be read" queue; if they go beyond that number I get overwhelmed and may not read altogether.

message 37: by Dawn (new)

Dawn (dawn9655) The single silliest way I ever picked out a book was at B.Dalton Books. I was looking at the fantasy/sci fi books and, as usual, worked my way from the top down. I was all but sitting on the floor, had pulled a book out of the bottom shelf to read the back cover and the 'teaser' in the inside front cover (paperback). I must have shaken the shelving a bit when I put the book back as not to my taste when BAM a rather large trade paperback lands on the floor right in front of me. It just barely missed me. I read the back cover and a bit of the first chapter and bought it. I figure if I almost got brained by it, I was supposed to buy it. Interestingly, I did NOT see this book when I checked out the upper shelves! I probably just passed over it, but it was weird. Anyway, it was Anne Bishop's "Black Jewels Trilogy" and quite good.

I usually stick to other methods, though. This one is dangerous :)

message 38: by Lucy (new)

Lucy (lucybalch) | 18 comments I definitely read reviews...same with going to the movies. There's no one particular reviewer that I follow; I like to get a multitude of opinions. The blurb on the back of the book will sometimes prevent me from buying a book, even if the reviews are good.
Then there is the "forced reading" that is required by my bookclub. Some of those have been wonderful...others I haven't been able to finish.

message 39: by Andrea (new)

Andrea Kulman (AndreaKulman) | 9 comments Hi there, everbody! I am a Good Reads author who likes to read books from Good Reads authors to review. I am a mother of five and very busy to say the least. When I get the time to read I simply go through my "to be read" list on this site. I look at the cover to see if it interests me, then the synopsis, then the price... finally- the reviews. If the book doesn't go further than the price then I feel no need to read the review.

message 40: by Author Annette (last edited Sep 02, 2009 06:12AM) (new)

Author Annette Dunlea (AnnetteDunlea) | 1 comments my book choice factors
1. if I follow the author I will read all their books.
2.if it has won a literary prize
3.publisher's and author's description
4.good reviews
5.bestsellers list tie in

message 41: by Shirley (new)

Shirley Here are my answers.

Do I read reviews yes, but that doesn't always decide whether I will buy or read a book. I realize there will be fans who only write good reviews about their favorite author. I also realize there are people who only like to cut other authors to the core. However, the reviews will often give me more insight into the types of people who read them and thus whether I would enjoy it.

By recommendations from friends - some but usually not.

Familiar with other books from that author - big yes. If I have read their work before and like their writing style I will definitely try other books by that author.

Because of an ad or blog article - not usually.

Perhaps easiest is how I do find books. I realize there are a lot of well known authors out there who sell millions of books. Many of these authors are good writers. However, I know there are a lot of good authors out there who don't have big publishing contracts. I try to find these authors and read/support their work. How do I find these authors - many of them on Twitter. Some of them on Goodreads. These are usually authors who ask to follow or be my friend. I always say yes, look at their websites, look at reviews written about their books, sometimes communicate with them, and often buy their books to read. If I enjoy the first book, then I will buy more from this author. So that's how I do it - I believe in supporting the little guy (or gal)!

message 42: by Nely (new)

Nely (bookwormygirl) | 1 comments Pat Bertram wrote: "It seems as if there are as many ways of discovering books as there are readers, but I'm curious as to how you choose the books you want to read. Do you go by reviews? By recommendations from frien..."

Oh God, there are so many different things that come into play when I decide to read a book. For one I'm a visual person - covers really do it for me. Secondly I'll read the back if it intrigues me, it's mine. There have been many a book review that have convinced me to purchase something. I follow tons of blogs and one or two positive reviews will normally send me on a shopping trip to amazon.

message 43: by Zuzia (new)

Zuzia At the library, I choose it because it grabs my attention. It's usually a familiar title, an intriguing title, an interesting cover, or I remember it from somewhere. But lately I use goodreads. I post up books I have read, and look at other works by an author. I read a review if I want to get the gist of a book, but normally I don't pay attention to how many stars someone gives a book. I also find books in lists that are based on topics I like.

message 44: by Shanaya (last edited Sep 02, 2009 07:40AM) (new)

Shanaya Fastje (shanayafastje) | 5 comments Since i am ten, I have all sorts of books that i believe i have outgrown, but i like them very much and even enter them on my book shelve on goodreads so that people that have younger children can find them and get them. Now i look for books just about every place we go, like to stores, even thrifty stores there i find books i never even heard of. I usually don't read what my friends read here in my home town, it seems they are into totally different reading categories so i just go my own way on this. But here on goodreads i have a great friend and he reads like no one i have ever met, so i do go by some of his recommendations. The library i love! We also have a place where you go and pick out any five books for free you never buy anything its all for charity and that i really like, they have lots of the originals from years back so i try to get those! Since I am in high school i have to read lots, having lots of literature books some new versions some very old as well i learn allot about some of the greatest authors ever, so that is definitely my favorite subject. Its funny as much as i always loved writing and reading i have never receive a gift like a book, everyone that knows me know i love books, huh something i just though of!

message 45: by Lookman (new)

Lookman Lookman | 6 comments Because I am always writing books, screenplays, animations and trying to become an angel. I almost never find time to read books. If I do, I start technical books about writing film making et cetera and just dip into them. I seem to be on lots of networks like goodreads, but do not find them rewarding in terms of my work.

message 46: by Suzanne (new)

Suzanne Elizabeth Anderson (suzanneelizabethanderson) | 1 comments I discover my next 'book to read' in a myriad of ways. Friends recommendations, NYT reviews, bestsellers, sometimes it's just something that has been sitting on shelf and I impulsively decide the time is right to read it. I'm always trolling amazon as well as email newsletters and 'real' bookstores for only problem is that I don't read fast enough to keep up with all the books I want to read!

message 47: by Alex (new)

Alex | 11 comments Reviews, but not necessarily reviews about the book. I freqently get interested in a book after I've read a mention of it in a review of another book. I've also read several books based on Goodreads recommendations. Sometimes cover blurbs will draw me in, and a good ad also works. Once I like an author, I'll try to read all her books.

message 48: by Deb (new)

Deb Hockenberry (kidztales) | 21 comments Hi,
I've found a couple very good books from the reviews here. When I'm in a bookstore, I usually head for the children's section & look at the YA fantasy books like Harry Potter. I read the blurbs on the back & the 1st page or 2 before I buy it. I found Magyc through Goodreads so I didn't have to check that one out to thoroughly. This is how I do it though.
Deb :-)

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Terri (terrilovescrows) | 3 comments All of the above. LOL I also subscribe to publishers emails so I know what is coming out. Email can be great!

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Kelly (csprfamily) | 1 comments I usually will buy a book from a favorite author or a sequel to one of my favorite series. I have several friends that recommend books and we are all linked on Goodreads, so it is easy to just click the book to my list. But I have also read some of the Goodread recommendations on the side when I'm listing my books. I let cover blurbs draw me in when I'm at the bookstore, too, though I'm more likely to pick something up if it is in a display. I'm one of those who can be easily distracted by those shiny objects:)

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