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Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (falls) So there's this Genie story... But she get's three wishes a month. I remember she lies about her name, gets a maid and a servant, falls in love with her servant, and her maid almost gets killed but a wish made previously saves her.

At the end the genie tells her she is ready for doing something else; being fairy Godmother to Cinderella.

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The Flooze (the_flooze) | 57 comments Here's a stab at it:

There are two books--Wishing Moon and its sequel, Moon without Magic--that also appear together in one volume called Wishes on the Moon. The books are by Michael O. Tunnell.

In the first, the girl gets a lamp with a jinni who grants her three wishes a month based on the lunar cycle. She chooses to help people who already help others and creates a makeshift family for herself, finding love along the way.

In the review for the second book:

"This sequel to Wishing Moon (Dutton, 2004) continues the tale of Aminah, who is the current owner of Aladdin's lamp and its resident jinni. As the story opens, the young woman discovers that the lamp is missing from her locked closet. She and other members of her household suspect Idris, a friend who was overly inquisitive about its secrets before he suddenly disappeared. The quest to recover the lamp leads Aminah and Jinni on a lengthy, adventurous journey throughout the Middle East, where they encounter many of the characters from the previous book and elude thieves, pirates, and the evil Princess Badr, who is determined to own the lamp and take revenge on Aminah for past events. Those who have not read the first book will find it very difficult to follow the plot and to understand the relationships among the characters. However, readers who are not too confused to persevere beyond the first half of the book will enjoy the fast-paced adventure that eventually gets underway. A small subplot concerns Aminah's use of the lamp's magic to time travel into the future, where she appears as a fairy godmother to Ella, a girl who is off to a ball wearing a lovely new gown and glass slippers. Mention of a boy called Arthur, who may need some help to fulfill his destiny and become king, hints strongly at the likelihood of another sequel."

Author's site:


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Rainbowheart | 16144 comments I notice this is in the Solved folder, but no confirmation from OP.

I assume it's Wishing Moon?

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