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what was the saddest part of the book
tyler (too drunk to notice) (the renowned pedro hernandez) tyler (too drunk to notice) (the renowned pedro hernandez) Sep 10, 2014 08:19AM
what does everybody think the saddest part in the end was

I cried during the gas station scene. I didn't cry at the end but I guess I knew he was going to die so I was prepared? lol.

The saddest part the narration of Augustus's letter.made me cry fr hours..

When Mrs. Lancaster cried to her husband and said if Hazel dies, she won't be a mom anymore.

I didn't cry at any point in the story, but I guess the saddest part was the gas station scene, or when Gus dies.

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Dramapuppy I only cried because I was with friends and felt socially obligated. I don't really cry at books. Movies can make me cry, though. I think it has to do ...more
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when Gus says he wanted to do something for himself, by himself
Gus helplessly wetting his bed

basically every part from the "lit up like a christmas tree" all the way to the letter. but I especially cried when Hazel put the pack of cigarettes beside him. kills me

Isac's pre funeral eulogy.

when Isaac lost his sight :(

Gus's letter ..

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The saddest part was when Hazel was riding home from August's funeral and Van Houten gave Hazel the letter

When Isacc said that he wouldn't want robot eyes because he wouldn't want to see the world without Augusts.
Furthermore, when Hazel read Augustus's letter in the end.

Between ,when Gus tells Hazel that he is ill again and Gus's prefuneral

When Agustus died! It was a really sad ending and I cried A LOT! I cried even more on the part when she called his number and he didn't pick up. I'm not sure why but I cried and cried, on and on and on.

I'm just gonna say it was the part where we find out Augustus' cancer came back. It was a shock,a slap to the face.

No the saddest part of the book is the Venn diagram of seventeen year old boys with one leg.

I think that sex was not the answer that's kind've saddening actually.

Forget the movie Hazel can be in "16 and Pregnant."

When Hazel goes to the gas station to help Gus, I got upset at that part. Also, the pre-eulogy i've literally re-read that like ten times....but the saddest part of the book was Gus's eulogy for Hazel(she wasn't loved wildly, but she was loved deeply ***feels***)

The part when Hazel was reading her eulogy at Augustus's funeral.

Augustus' pre-funeral eulogy. How simple words can evoke deep emotions. It was sad and inspiring.

I cried through every scene. Sobbed like a baby the whole way through.

When Augustus tries to buy cigarettes but Hazel has to come save him. Gus has just sunk to a pitiful level and he knows it. It's so sad.

Definitely the part at the gas station

The very moment when it was revealed just how sick Augustus was (in Amsterdam), because up until that point you were thinking Hazel was the one that was in bad shape.

for me the saddest part was where the authors describe's gus's life just before cancer took him......his bed wetting,puking and calling hazel then crying......oh god!!!

The last part of the book when Hazel reads the eulogy that August wrote for her. "You don't get to choose if you get hurt in this world...but you do have some say in who hurts you. I like my choices.” That part hit me hard and I started crying like a baby. The ending killed me.

For me, it has to be when he says "And it lit up like a Christmas tree". Oh my god.. i cried non stop from then on

The euology had me sobbing. But p. 261, where it says "Augustus Waters died 8 days after..." I cried so much, there was no point drying the tears, because new ones kept coming.

"I lit up like a Christmas tree, Hazel Grace"

The saddest part was in the end when you realize that just as easily, someone close to you could pass just like that.
Amazing book though!!
Five stars!

The part when Augustus tries to drive to the store and calls hazel

when hazel realized that her best friend Augustus is about to die

the "fake" funeral

When Hazel says she wished it was Augustus eulogizing her and everyone reading the books like..."Yes, Wait NO, Oh God! I LOVE THEM BOTH SO MUCH!"

The most saddening part of this book for me was Gus' pre-funeral. :(

When Hazel sees the call on her phone and instantly knows what it means. That spoke the most to me. She new it was coming and she wasn't prepared. She never would be prepared.

When Hazel found out that Augustus was dying of cancer.
It was a sad moment for me because I thought of all of the hearts that would be breaking in the story. How many character's lives Augustus had touched in the story. It made me sad that he was dying of cancer too because my Father is dealing with cancer right now also.

Honestly the saddest part for me was when Isaac said that he wouldn't accept the robot eyes because he didn't want to see the world with out his best friend Augustus.

The fact that it ended :'(

I really loved this book and was surprised by the ending. I had no clue he was the one that was going to die. The sadest part for me was when he got sick and eventually died

When he died and left her alone ;(

Issac's eulogy at Augustus' prefuneral. Gosh, that gets me every time :c

I always cry seeing the aftermath of someone's death. So, they reactions of everyone after he died, made me cry the most.

prefunerol DUUHHH it was so freakin sad... i cried..... :(

I cried during the gas station scene and when Gus died, even though I knew what would happen. :(

The saddest part for me was when Hazel reads the eulogy in front of Augustus...! It makes me cry every time I read it.. But then the whole book does..:(

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When Hazel realized that Augustus is not able to live anymore. When Augustus got into a crisis and, in fact, when he is going by slowly in front of everyone. I guess that was kind of explicit, or something. For me, those were the saddest parts of the book.

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