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CBC Moderator 2 | 91 comments Mod
It is time to vote for our June BOTM.

You may vote for up to two of the books listed below.

Enter your votes by replying in this thread.

Voting will end at approximately 6:00 pm Eastern time on May 18.

A book will be randomly selected for elimination from the nominations list from among those that don't receive any votes. The three new books added to the voting list this month, Gaudete et Exsultate--Rejoice and be glad: On the call to holiness in the contemporary world by Pope Francis, I Am Margaret by Corinna Turner, and Ascent of Mount Carmel by St. John of the Cross, will be excluded from the Randomizer.

The books up for consideration for the June 2019 BOTM are:

The Ascent of Mount Carmel by Juan de la Cruz
Written between 1578 and 1579 in Granada, Spain, after John's escape from prison, the Ascent is illustrated by a diagram of the process outlined in the text of the Soul's progress to the summit of the metaphorical Mount Carmel where God is encountered. The work is divided into three sections and is set out as a commentary on four poetic stanzas by John on the subject of the Dark Night. John shows how the Soul sets out to leave all worldly ties and appetites behind to achieve "nothing less than transformation in God".

Broken Mary: A Journey of Hope, by Kevin Matthews
In 2008, Kevin Matthews, a well-known ABC and CBS radio personality in Chicago, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Broken Mary is Matthews' story of his early years in radio and stand-up comedy, his successful career, his struggle with MS, his awakening to the dignity of women, and, importantly, his chance encounter with a broken statue of Mary left next to a dumpster and all that happened as a result. Told with Matthews' signature good humor, this confession of the brokenness of mankind is touchingly honest, personally inspiring, and full of hope.

The Divine Milieu, by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.
Teilhard de Chardin -- geologist, priest, and major voice in twentieth-century Christianity -- probes the ultimate meaning of all physical exploration and the fruit of his own inner life. The Divine Milieu is a spiritual treasure for every religion bookshelf.

Gaudete et Exsultate--Rejoice and be Glad: On the Call to Holiness in the Today's World by Pope Francis
Pope Francis' Apostolic Exhoration " Gaudete et Exsultate" (Rejoice and be glad) involves the call to hoilness in the modern world, a topic the pope has explained in this way. "it means letting Christ work in our actions. That His thoughts may be our thoughts, His feelings our feelings, His choices our choices. This is holiness, doing as Christ did is Christian holiness".

Georgios, by A.K. Frailey
Georgios was destined for greatness - at least that is what his grandparents told him, his father assured him, and his mother had left embedded in his heart. Living on the island of Patmos in the year 100 A.D. surrounded by the Aegean Sea, he knew the world through Greek eyes, but he also knew there was more to life than a home built on rock. At the age of thirteen, Georgios takes an unexpected voyage, almost murders his first real friend, gets waylaid by Celtic traders, and inadvertently discovers the truth about his father. What he learns horrifies him, forcing him into a decision and an adulthood, he is not ready for. In facing his father honestly, Georgios finds the strength to accept his grandfather’s vision and is thrust into the most dangerous adventure of all.

I Am Margaret, by Corinna Turner
In Margo's world, if you don't pass your Sorting at 18 you are recycled. Literally. Margaret Verrall dreams of marrying the boy she loves and spending her life with him. But she’s part of the underground network of Believers – and with the persecution that carries the death penalty. And there’s just one other problem. She’s going to fail her Sorting. But a chance to take on the system ups the stakes beyond mere survival.
Now she has to break out of the Facility - or face the worst martyrdom of all. Conscious Dismantlement.

Knowledge and Christian Belief, by Alvin Plantinga.
In his widely praised Warranted Christian Belief (Oxford, 2000) Alvin Plantinga discussed in great depth and at great length the question of the rationality, or sensibility, of Christian belief. In this book Plantinga presents the same ideas in a briefer, more accessible fashion. Recognized worldwide as a leading Christian philosopher, Plantinga probes what exactly is meant by the claim that religious -- and specifically Christian -- belief is irrational and cannot sensibly be held. He argues that the criticisms of such well-known atheists as Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens are completely wrong. Finally, Plantinga addresses several potential defeaters to Christian belief -- pluralism, science, evil and suffering -- and shows how they fail to successfully defeat rational Christian belief.

The Myth of Hitler's Pope: Pope Pius XII And His Secret War Against Nazi Germany, by David G. Dalin
In 1999, John Cornwell excoriated Pope Pius XII as "Hitler's Pope." In this book, Rabbi David G. Dalin provides a ringing defense of the wartime pontiff, arguing that Holocaust-era Jews justly regarded Pius as their protector, not their tormentor.

Out of the Ashes: Rebuilding American Culture, by Anthony M. Esolen
What do you do when an entire civilization is crumbling around you? You do everything. This is a book about how to get started.
Providence College professor Anthony Esolen, blunt and prophetic, makes the case that the decay of Western civilization is alarmingly advanced.

The Restoration of Christian Culture, by John Senior
A sequel to The Death of Christian Culture, this spiritual treatise covers social, cultural, and political topics. It explores the importance of religious knowledge and faith to the health of a culture, provides a historical sketch of the change in cultural and educational standards over the last two centuries, and illustrates how literary and other visual arts either contribute to a culture or conspire to tear it down. Compared to a series of sermons, this analysis explains that there is a continuing extinction of the cultural patrimony of ancient Greece, Rome, medieval Europe, and the early modern period of Western civilization, owing to the pervasive bureaucratization, mechanization, and standardization of increasing materialism.

The Return of the Prodigal Son: A Story of Homecoming, by Henri J.M. Nouwen
A chance encounter with a reproduction of Rembrandt's painting, The Return of the Prodigal Son, catapulted Henri Nouwen into a long spiritual adventure. In his highly-acclaimed book of the same title, he shares the deeply personal meditation that led him to discover the place within which God has chosen to dwell. This Lent course, which has been adapted from the book, helps us to reflect on the meaning of the parable for our own lives. Divided into five sessions, the course moves through the parable exploring our reaction to the story: the younger son's leaving and return, the father's restoration of sonship, the elder son's resentment and the father's compassion. All of us who have experienced loneliness, dejection, jealousy or anger will respond to the persistent themes of homecoming, affirmation and reconciliation.

Scarlet Pimpernel Of The Vatican, by J.P. Gallagher
To thousands of people escaping- Allied prisoners, refugees, Jews and others wanted for various reasons by the Nazis - one of the greatest heros of WWII was a tall, jolly Irish Priest, Monsignor Hugh Joseph O'Flaherty. Working throughout the war at the Vatican, he organised, unofficially, an incredibly efficient underground system which gave shelter to inumerable escapees. This very readable account of his adventures is an exciting story and throws some interesting light on one of the lesser-known aspects of the war.

The Spiritual Combat, by Lorenzo Scupoli
The Combat is a practical manual of living. At first it teaches that the sense of life is incessant fighting against egoistic longings and replacing them with sacrifice and charity. The one who does not do this loses, and suffers in Hell; the one who does it, trusting not in his own, but God's power, triumphs and is happy in Heaven. The work of Scupoli analyses various usual situations and advises how to cope with them, preserving a pure conscience and improving virtue. It emphasizes also the boundless goodness of God, which is the cause of all good. What is bad originates from the human who rebels against God.

Story of a Soul: The Autobiography of St. Therese of Lisieux, by Thérèse de Lisieux
Two and a half years before her death in 1897 at the age of 24, as Thérèse Martin began writing down her childhood memories at the request of her blood sisters in the Lisieux Carmel, few could have guessed the eventual outcome. Yet this Story of my soul, first published in 1898 in a highly edited version, quickly became a modern spiritual classic, read by millions and translated into dozens of languages around the world.

Strangers in a Strange Land: Living the Catholic Faith in a Post-Christian World, by Charles J. Chaput
From Charles J. Chaput, author of Living the Catholic Faith and Render unto Caesar comes Strangers in a Strange Land, a fresh, urgent, and ultimately hopeful treatise on the state of Catholicism and Christianity in the United States. America today is different in kind, not just in degree, from the past. And this new reality is unlikely to be reversed. The reasons include, but aren't limited to, economic changes that widen the gulf between rich and poor; problems in the content and execution of the education system; the decline of traditional religious belief among young people; the shift from organized religion among adults to unbelief or individualized spiritualities; changes in legal theory and erosion in respect for civil and natural law; significant demographic shifts; profound new patterns in sexual behavior and identity; the growth of federal power and its disregard for religious rights; the growing isolation and elitism of the leadership classes; and the decline of a sustaining sense of family and community.

message 2: by Joseph (new)

Joseph MacKenzie | 3 comments Story of a Soul.

message 3: by Andi (new)

Andi | 5 comments The Scarlet Pimpernel is fantastic! I would reread that several times over

message 4: by Frances (new)

Frances Richardson | 102 comments The Divine Milieu

Story of a Soul

message 5: by Madeleine (new)

Madeleine Myers | 261 comments The Divine Milieu or Story of a Soul

message 6: by Nikita (new)

Nikita Unverzagt (abigaildarcy) | 5 comments Scarlet Pimpernel

message 7: by Ramón (new)

Ramón S. | 20 comments The Ascent of Mount Carmel and The Story of a Soul

message 8: by Patrick (new)

Patrick | 2 comments Scarlet pimpernel

message 9: by Joaquin (new)

Joaquin Mejia | 1 comments Gaudete et Exsultate.

message 10: by Kaye (new)

Kaye Hinckley | 14 comments Georgios, A.K.Frailey

message 11: by Matt (new)

Matt Mitchell | 11 comments Restoration of Christian Culture
Strangers in a Strange Land

message 12: by Christine (new)

Christine Bengle | 21 comments The spiritual combat
Story of a soul

message 13: by Suzanne (new)

Suzanne E | 7 comments Ascent of Mount Carmel

message 14: by Theresa (new)

Theresa Linden | 7 comments I Am Margaret

message 15: by Jill (new)

Jill A. | 709 comments Georgios
Knowledge and Christian Belief

so many excellent choices!!

message 16: by Leslea (new)

Leslea Wahl | 6 comments I Am Margaret

message 17: by booklady (new)

booklady | 2 comments Ascent of Mount Carmel and/or Story of a Soul.

message 18: by Peggy (new)

Peggy (peggyhr) | 2 comments Broken Mary

message 19: by Randi (new)

Randi Hicks | 22 comments Ascent of Mt Carmel and Return of the Prodigal

message 20: by Faith (new)

Faith Flaherty (contemprisma) | 37 comments The Myth of Hitler's Pope and Out of the Ashes

message 21: by Steven R. (new)

Steven R. McEvoy (srmcevoy) | 77 comments Georgios, by A.K. Frailey
I Am Margaret - Corinna Turner

message 22: by Kathleen (new)

Kathleen McCormick (goodreadscomkathy_mccormick) | 3 comments Gaudete et Exsultate

message 23: by Carolyn (new)

Carolyn (cmastfalk) | 9 comments I Am Margaret, Strangers in a Strange Land

message 24: by Mariangel (new)

Mariangel | 577 comments Return of the Prodigal Son
Ascent of Mt Carmel

This time I didn't get the message announcing that voting starts.

message 25: by Madeleine (new)

Madeleine Myers | 261 comments I didn't get the message either, but in Feb., I stopped getting email notification and redid my setting but still don't get them. Goodreads support people can't seem to figure out why nor have they fixed it! I just check the homepage for new discussions.

message 26: by Tania (new)

Tania (tmartnez) | 105 comments Return of the prodigal son + Story of a Soul.

message 27: by Joey (new)

Joey Gremillion (joeygremillion) | 2 comments Georgios

message 28: by Mariangel (new)

Mariangel | 577 comments Madeleine, good to know, thank you.

message 29: by Jean (new)

Jean (jeanie_egolf) | 1 comments I am MARGARET! Awesome series

message 30: by Connie (new)

Connie | 23 comments Restoration of Christian Culture
The Myth of Hitlers Pope

message 31: by Katrina (new)

Katrina (millcitymama) | 1 comments Return of the Prodigal Son

message 32: by Nicole (new)

Nicole | 18 comments I Am Margaret.

message 33: by Nedra (new)

Nedra Butler-Abraham (nbabe82) | 1 comments Prodigal Son

message 34: by Manuel (new)

Manuel Alfonseca | 1569 comments Mod
Ascent of Mount Carmel and
Return of Prodigal Son

message 35: by Amanda (new)

Amanda | 9 comments Broken Mary

message 36: by Fonch (new)

Fonch | 1363 comments I vote for I Am Margaret, by Corinna Turner.

message 37: by T.M. (new)

T.M. Gaouette | 2 comments I Am Margaret!!!!!!

message 38: by John (new)

John Seymour | 1921 comments Mod
Mariangel wrote: "Return of the Prodigal Son
Ascent of Mt Carmel

This time I didn't get the message announcing that voting starts."

I got the message on Goodreads right away, but didn't get the email notification from Goodreads for a couple days.

message 39: by John (new)

John Seymour | 1921 comments Mod
I vote for:

Out of the Ashes
Scarlet Pimpernel of the Vatican

message 40: by Crissy (new)

Crissy Crim (wvcrissy) | 1 comments First time i ever received an email and did not realize you voted. " Strangers in a Strange Land" and " Story of the soul"

message 41: by Madeleine (new)

Madeleine Myers | 261 comments I complained to the Goodreads help people that I haven't gotten any emails since Feb., and a week or two ago got a response that they were looking into it, but nothing since. I tried three times redoing my settings but there still set on email notification. Weird.

MaryAnn (EmilyD1037) | 0 comments The Return of the Prodigal Son: A Story of Homecoming, by Henri J.M. Nouwen

Story of a Soul: The Autobiography of St. Therese of Lisieux, by Thérèse de Lisieux

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John Seymour | 1921 comments Mod
Sorry for being late - the polls are now closed. I will post the results shortly.

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