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Althea ☾ (themoonwholistens) | 1118 comments Mod
This thread is for general updates and announcements for the group. Turn on your notifications for this thread or check back regularly to stay updated! :)

*Some updates are deleted or edited depending on the content, most recent and important updates are headed in BOLD*

Only Mods are allowed to post here, if you have any questions you can ask them here


If you have any questions feel free to message any of the Procrastinator Mods (Faith, Althea, Laurel, Aless, Mina, & Kayla) ❤︎ we're all here for you!

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Aless (alesstheintrovert) | 533 comments Mod
Hello and welcome to all of our new members and hello to our members who have been around for some time!

We are happy to have grown our little procrastinator family so much. There are currently close to 1700 members! It is an amazing experience to see everyone interact with each other and find so much enjoyment from reading with each other, even if schedules get pushed back :) We suggest looking in the Getting to Know You folder to learn about your fellow members! It is a lot of fun!

This message is to give an idea about how things work around here and some pointers as we go into July! It is a little lengthy.

We have quite a few challenges you can participate in and can find in the Reading Challenges folder! You can still join the year-long ones and any current challenges! We also have some games to play to also get to know each other in the Games & Fun folder!

The first is a classic, Tackle That TBR Vol. 3! There are 3 Metal inspired paths to complete all 20 prompts to make our way through the ever-growing TBR list.

The next challenge is based on working as one big group! Book Count 2020 is where we all come together to tally our total number of books of the year (and months) to see if we can reach a goal. Our 2020 goal is 5,000 books! Can we reach it by the end of the year? Will you help and make your books count towards the goal?

The last year-long challenge is Read the Decades! Since 2020 is the start of a new decade, we wanted to see who is up to the challenge to read one book from each decade to read 11 books by the end of the year that has taken you on a journey through the last century!

Our Rainbow Read Challenge is ending soon, but maybe you can push through or see if you have read any book since April that can fulfill the prompts!

As you all know, we are going into the second month of Summer Days. This is a 2-month challenge that ends on July 31st. In short, this is a challenge to see how many books and prompts you can read while earning points for your team! If you want to participate and haven't you will be part of the Lost Generation group!

Monthly Readathons
We do monthly readathons during most months of the year. We take a vote in a poll to decide on the dates of our readathon. This happens over 1 week and the goal is to read 7 books in 7 days, but no matter how little you read over the 7 days, you are still a winner in our hearts! Click here to vote for our July dates!

Now for the topics we get the most questions about. We have guidelines for both in the appropriate discussion folders, but they have been pushed down by our current threads.

Group Reads & Nominations
Group Reads happen from the 1st of the month until the last day of the month. We read 2-3 books each month depending on group activity. A nomination discussion will be open mid-month to nominate any book you want, as long as we have not read the book before. It is important to check the group bookshelf to see if we have read the book(s). As for series, we will read a sequel only if we have already read the previous book(s). You can upvote books to automatically become a group read if it reaches +5 upvotes! After the last day of nominations pass, a poll will be created to vote on our group books. The top voted books will become group reads unless stated otherwise in the question.

Once, we get into reading in group threads, you can read at your own pace and join at any time during the month, but if you read ahead of the schedule, please mark your spoilers to be mindful of your fellow readers. Everyone is very nice and helpful if you have any questions.
July Group Nominations are open until Jtomorrow Wednesday, June 24th around 5 pm EST! A poll will be made after 5 pm EST so check the poll tab for tomorrow evening, or the next day depending on your timezone.

Buddy Reads & Nominations
Buddy Reads happen any time during the month. Nominations are open all month long!

These discussions happen between 2+ members who want to read the same book(s). Procrastinator members plan the start date and possibly end date and if there is a goal number of pages/chapters you want to read. A thread will be made by a mod with a suggested reading schedule if there is not a specific schedule. You are more than welcomed to read at your own pace. Just like with group reads, make sure any spoilers are marked and if you need any help or guidance, ask your buddy or a mod will check in to help.
July Buddy Nominations are open!

If you have any more questions, ideas, or thoughts, let us know (the mods) through messages or in the comments of our Talk to the mods thread and we will try to get to you as soon as possible!!

We are happy to have you here and can't wait to read with you all!

Stay safe and happy reading!
~The Mods <3
Kayla, Faith, Althea, Laurel, Aless

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Althea ☾ (themoonwholistens) | 1118 comments Mod


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Althea ☾ (themoonwholistens) | 1118 comments Mod
OCTOBER 2020 READATHON: [begins in 2 days]

24th - 30th


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Aless (alesstheintrovert) | 533 comments Mod
December Nominations!

Group Read Nominations (open until November 23rd):

Buddy Read Nominations:

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Althea ☾ (themoonwholistens) | 1118 comments Mod


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laurel [the suspected bibliophile] (laurelthereader) | 1327 comments Mod
Our 2021 Year-Long Challenges have been posted!

Tackle That TBR, Vol 4: Choose Your Story
Book Count 2021

And so has the first quarterly challenge of 2021!

Drink Your Tea

You are more than welcome to join Tackle That TBR Vol 4, and Drink Your Tea now!

The 2021 Book Count will open January 1st.

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Aless (alesstheintrovert) | 533 comments Mod
If you were not aware, we do have a Discord server for all of our members to be apart of!!! This is to go with our Goodreads group and have another place for everyone to talk and get to know each other!

Here is the link!

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