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message 1: by عباس (new)

عباس حميد (alhumaid) | 2 comments I have two questions please:

1) when I go to my dashboard ( I see only my English books. All my Arabic books are put as different versions under my English books. Specifically, I am talking about the following books. and I need them to be separated. So rather showing only 5 works for me, I want to show 10 books; 5 in Arabic and 5 in English. - 9781912275342 - 9781912275335 - 9781912275359 - 9781912275328 - 9781912275311

One of the main reasons why I need them to get separated is for marketing purpose as target customers of each language are totally different.

2) I got one review Widget for one of my books. Ie.

How can I need links to similar widgets of my other books, so I can insert them into my personal website?

3) currently my author page profile name is in Arabic عباس آل حميد اللواتي, where I target customers are mainly western, and my famous name is in English is Abbas Al Humaid (which is English translation of عباس آل حميد). My personal website, through which I sale my books and that I link to my profile page in Goodreads is . I will be shortly investing heavily in SEO the name of Abbas Al-Humaid, and Islamic Thoughts Books (which is mainly the main subject of my books) to attract people toward my website and my author page in Goodreads. And I don’t want them to get lost when they see my Arabic name.

So, my question is, is there any chance to change my author page name (or at least what people can see when they visit my author page in Goodreads) to Abbas Al-Humaid, Abbas Al Humaid, or even Islamic Thoughts Books? Or do you have any solution that can help me to solve my problem?


message 2: by Olivia (new)

Olivia (livka) | 7927 comments Hi Abbas,
please note that Goodreads policy is to keep all editions of the book combined.
My advice would be for you to claim both profiles; you have the Arabic profile claimed for now, but you can claim a second profile using a different email address.

That will allow you to display English translations on your English profile (if they are set as primary editions), and if your Arabic name is only added to the Arabic editions they should display on your Arabic profile. You might want to confirm this with support though.

Please also note that external links are not permitted in the description field - I removed them where needed.

For the questions concerning the site functionality please contact support or post in Feedback Group.

message 3: by عباس (new)

عباس حميد (alhumaid) | 2 comments Thank you Olivia for your advise.

Ok in this casei have already 2 profiles connected to each other. one in Arabic called عباس آل حميد اللواتي and the other in English called Abbas Al Humaid. So, can i separate them and do what you said to show my English books in my English profile and My Arabic books in my Arabic profile?

who can do that for me? Do i need to contact with support? can you please send me their link

message 4: by Olivia (new)

Olivia (livka) | 7927 comments You have this profile claimed:
عباس آل حميد اللواتي

You can claim this profile using different email address:
Abbas Al Humaid

You can contact support using the link below:

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