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This thread is open to discuss Moonshine by Rob Thurman.

After saving the world from his fiendish father's side of the family, Cal Leandros and his stalwart half-brother Niko have settled down with new digs and a new gig-bodyguard and detective work. And in New York City, where preternatural beings stalk the streets just like normal folk, business is good. Their latest case has them going undercover for the Kin-the werewolf Mafia. A low-level Kin boss thinks a rival is setting him up for a fall, and wants proof. The place to start is the back room of Moonshine-a gambling club for non-humans. Cal thinks it's a simple in-and-out job. But Cal is very, very wrong.

Cal and Niko are being set up themselves-and the people behind it have a bite much worse than their bark...

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Mary C (marymaryalwayscontrary) | 4966 comments I'll join this one. I have the first book and luckily found a task it fits in the Spring challenge. Hopefully book 2 will come in time from the library. I put the print and ebook on hold. Ebook has a 2 week wait but the print one is at a library only about an hour from here. Now I need to find the print copy of the first one I have.

Devann (devannm) | 2702 comments cool, i'd love more people to join in! and if you want to make some posts on the buddy read for the first one whenever you read it that's cool too. although watch out for spoilers in our discussion, i think we kind of just stopped using the spoiler cut since we were both done with it. also it looks like both the first two books are available to borrow right now on if you've got an account there and are having trouble finding your physical copy or getting it from your local library.

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Mary C (marymaryalwayscontrary) | 4966 comments What's

I'm sure I'll find it. My print books are mostly contained in 2 spots. But I requested it from the library just in case anyway. I've picked the first one up several times now to start and then I put it down for something else.

The Kindle book is only $2.99. I might just buy it since I tend to get through Kindle books faster.

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Mary C (marymaryalwayscontrary) | 4966 comments I just signed up for that I don't really like to read on my computer but that's pretty cool. I'll have to remember how to get the PDF onto my Kindle.

Devann (devannm) | 2702 comments it's basically like an online library. you can make an account and borrow anything that's on there and it's not limited to your location like your local library. most books are available in either pdf or epub form - with the pdfs usually being scans of the actual paper book and the epubs being converted from that so i usually go with the pdf option because the epubs often have spelling errors.

you can read the files with either adobe digital editions or bluefire reader on your computer and i think they have apps as well but i haven't tried it that way. you can also read the book right in your browser but i find that to be cumbersome because you have to like zoom in to make the print readable and then arrow around the page.

it's probably a bit more effort than getting it from your library but i often find things on there that my library doesn't have -especially with older books- so i use it on occasion.

Mary C (marymaryalwayscontrary) | 4966 comments Score. (I found my print copy of Nightlife). My library has an audiobook edition but it said at least 2 weeks. Glad I opted to put in on hold anyway because it came up already. I will get through it much quicker now.

Devann (devannm) | 2702 comments woo! i used to not be able to listen to audiobooks at all but i really like them now and even find myself switching between reading and audio for some titles if i'm really enjoying them and don't want to stop

Mary C (marymaryalwayscontrary) | 4966 comments I frequently check out both the audio and ebook so I can switch back and forth as needed.

I've loved audio books since I was a kid. I listen when I do yard work, walking the dog or clean the house. Oddly, I mostly don't listen in the car unless I have an expiring library book or a long drive by myself. But I only have a 5 minute commute.

Marythios (AkaSusanne ) | 163 comments I want to join this buddy read.

Claudia | 435 comments It's great to have more people in on this one.

Devann (devannm) | 2702 comments Definitely!

Devann (devannm) | 2702 comments so i didn't get this started today but i'm definitely gonna start it in the morning

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Marythios (AkaSusanne ) | 163 comments Devann wrote: "so i didn't get this started today but i'm definitely gonna start it in the morning" I started it tonight just into chapter 2 a long way to go yet.

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〰️Beth〰️ (x1f4a0bethx1f4a0) | 177 comments I would like to quickly read book 1 before starting this

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〰️Beth〰️ (x1f4a0bethx1f4a0) | 177 comments I would like to quickly read book 1 before starting this

Devann (devannm) | 2702 comments @Beth, go for it! And if you want to still comment with thoughts on the book 1 thread or even here then feel free.

i'm listening to chapter 1 right now and it always kills me that cal is afraid of clowns. i mean i guess it's a common fear but i just never got it. probably because my mom had porcelain clown dolls when i was a kid so i was just used to them, but when my friends came to spend the night they would make me put a blanket over them and i was just like ??? ...okaaay??? lol

Marythios (AkaSusanne ) | 163 comments Devann wrote: "@Beth, go for it! And if you want to still comment with thoughts on the book 1 thread or even here then feel free.

i'm listening to chapter 1 right now and it always kills me that cal is afraid of..."

Yeah i really never understood that either people fearing clowns. I guess the make-up and movies who have evil clowns that kill people is what keeps people scared. His detail of the clown was interesting and having the fear of clowns a surprise.

Claudia | 435 comments I’m going to start this book late. I won’t be starting reading the book until Sunday since I have to projects due for the end of the semester.

Devann (devannm) | 2702 comments i got through about a third of it yesterday [up through chapter 8] but i think i'm gonna take a break today since most people seem to have just started / not started at all. although honestly i know these books backwards and forwards so i guess it doesn't really matter, but it's still nice to draw it out sometimes.

i'd be interested to hear people opinions on George and the whole Cal/George thing. (view spoiler)

also just gotta say that I love my girl Promise! (view spoiler)

Marythios (AkaSusanne ) | 163 comments I listened to the whole book. I enjoyed it but I will be honest not my cup of tea. I agree with some of the things you said Devann. I can understand people's draw to werewolf stories. What the story reminded me of is playing a video game where your character is a werewolf and you are out killing things and yes sometimes you get a little banged up. Cal seemed to be in fights constantly. The serious injuries after a battle. I can see the twisted side of the story that the pack of wolves where like the mafia. Cal has a fear of clowns but he is not afraid to die. It just is silly to me that you fear that but yet you will brawl to death and you are ok with death. Yeah the good women trying to make the bad boy good just does not work. Like really no one is pure and i was rolling my eyes too. I have the book version I may try to read the book version at a later date to see if i get more out of it. I am curious what others will say about the book.

Devann (devannm) | 2702 comments @Susanne

i actually usually don't like books with werewolves but i do like what she's done with them here with the whole mafia thing. i think i generally avoid werewolf books because it seems like all of them are romance books now and the main werewolf love interest dude is always a total asshole, oh i'm sorry i mean ~sexy alpha male~ [loud groaning] and i just hate that soooo much.

i do agree the fear of clowns is silly - especially with everything else cal faces down - but i guess that's why it's an irrational fear lol.

this book probably is the heaviest on romance in the series, which is saying something because even here i don't think it's overwhelming but it's definitely present.

Devann (devannm) | 2702 comments i read chapters 8 - 11 today so just over halfway done.

i love how many quality cal and promise interactions are in this book. the scene in the diner is adorable and i like seeing them bond. also just the whole cal 'how do flirt???' plotline because #same lol

also i always forget how the ninth circle bar is described in this book [with all the plants and birds everywhere] because it becomes a regular location for the series but there is never any more mention of either and i always get the feeling after this that she went 'okay no that's dumb' and just made it have a regular bar interior so when it's like 'i walked in and there were tons of trees and birds' i'm always like do what now??

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Claudia | 435 comments Yay just submitted my final project and the semester is official over for me. Now I have tons of free time until August to read just for fun!!!

That said I am on chapter 4 of the book and just wanted to do a quick check in.

(view spoiler)

Devann (devannm) | 2702 comments @Claudia haha yeah i never saw IT as a child so maybe that's why i never got the fear of clowns? but also like ...normal clowns do NOT look like IT so i feel like even now they're always a very separate thing to me. like yes you can MAKE clowns look 'scary' to me but that's IF you give them pointy teeth or make them dirty or whatever, but not like normal clowns you would see irl at a birthday party or circus or something. but it is a very common fear so [shrugs]

re: the Cal/George thing, i do agree he places her on a pedestal and that's really never a good thing. also yeah his shit is NOWHERE NEAR together and it wouldn't be fair to her to have to like 'fix' him or whatever, although she seems smart enough to know that even if she does like him. but yeah her just showing up like 'mmm i've decided we're on a date' is pretty funny, and of course niko goes along to annoy cal lol

i'm gonna try to get through a few more chapters today as well

Mary C (marymaryalwayscontrary) | 4966 comments I just started this last night and haven't gotten far yet. But I'm sneak reading it on my Kindle at work.

Am I the only one thinking of the show Supernatural while I read this?

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Devann (devannm) | 2702 comments yeah it got compared to supernatural a lot back in the day. well i say 'a lot' but it always had a fairly small following, but i think most of us found the books through the supernatural fandom sooo lol

Devann (devannm) | 2702 comments so i finished this earlier today. i'm always torn between 4 and 5 stars on this one [and the first book as well]. last time i read them i changed it from 5 to 4 on the first book and from 4 to 5 on the second. this time i changed the first book back to 5 and am considering changing this one back to 4. GIVE US HALF STARS, GOODREADS! lol

anyway i do really like all the stuff with the kin and him going undercover and then later (view spoiler) all of that is SUCH GOOD SHIT. and the brotherly angst is once again off the charts.

buuuut the cal/george thing i just really do not like. and this time i actually noticed in chapter 15 [i think] where cal says (view spoiler)

also @Claudia, did you read all the october daye books when we did the BRs for those? this one is reminding me a bit of an artificial night w/ the plot structure bc someone mentioned that that book had like 3 climaxes where they kept having to fight a new person or do a new thing or whatever and i noticed that this time around with this book as well. i still like it but i thought it was interesting.

Claudia | 435 comments @Devann I just started chapter 11 so am at the halfway point of the book. Right now Cal is undercover with the kin. I did read Artificial Night so I get what you’re referring to with the 3 different climaxes. Does this mean that there is more to come after the undercover stuff with the Kin? Cause I kinda remember when we read Artificial night I was like awesome case solved wait why is there still like 100 pages to go?

Devann (devannm) | 2702 comments haha yeah i think you've got maybe 3 more chapters of him being undercover then it moves onto a new problem. dun dun dun duuuuuun

Claudia | 435 comments Am now on chapter 13.

(view spoiler)

Marythios (AkaSusanne ) | 163 comments I feel bad because I just did not like the book as much as you guys do. I liked parts of it. I am not much a fan of fantasy but the supernatural fantasy is not that bad I read some other stuff which grabbed my attention more and i enjoyed it more. I listened to it maybe I would get more out of it if i read it so I do have a copy of the book on my kindle i will give it another read at a later date maybe this will make the difference for me. Listening to it i was not pulled in like other books I listen too. I do realize though that some books are better read then listen to so maybe this will be that way for me.

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E. Sorg | 12 comments welp, im behind, for sure. starting this one later today lol. im actually super excited, because i think ive only read this one like once or maybe twice before. so as far as this series goes, moonshine is relatively new for me :)

Devann (devannm) | 2702 comments @Claudia it's more like it's the Kin wolves that are bad which makes sense bc they are basically the mafia, although most of the wolves in the city are in the Kin so yeah it does feel that way I guess. But Rafferty and Catcher are wolves and they're okay so it's not literally all of them lol

@Susanne don't feel bad, i would definitely say these books aren't for everyone and they're kind of like my trashy guilty pleasure / secret favorite series even though i know i have technically read a lot of stuff that is 'better' lol. but yeah i know what you mean about being lost with some books in audio version. i actually really like the audio of this series but it might have thrown you off.

Claudia | 435 comments Finished!!!

Okay so many things to comment on. I think this book was like lets recap the first book by facing enemies form first book and new ones on top of it.

(view spoiler)

Devann (devannm) | 2702 comments @Claudia i love cal's auphe powers so much so whenever he either has repressed using them or is like ~oh i mustn't they're bad for me~ i'm like come on! live a little! i would seriously be using them constantly for like the stupidest things lol

and you're right that cal is in no way 'ready' for a relationship right now and like i said i don't even really like him with george but also it's like he's had such a horrible time maybe he could have ONE nice thing every now and again

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Claudia | 435 comments @Devann I know what you mean. If I was half monster I would at least want to have kickass powers to make up for the trauma. I would abuse the crap out of my demonic powers to my advantage.

Devann (devannm) | 2702 comments haha i know! i mean obviously a lot of his feelings of self-hatred come from how abusive his mother was so it makes sense, but i'm always like ok so what if you're a 'monster'? be a monster! mess shit up! go all out! but of course cal would rather be emo all the time. oh well, we love him anyway ;)

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Mary C (marymaryalwayscontrary) | 4966 comments One of the things I am liking about this series is that many of the supernatural creatures actually look like supernatural creatures. They aren't all perfectly disguised as beautiful humans until they decide to show their supernatural side.

Devann (devannm) | 2702 comments yeah i like that as well, most of the creatures seem more 'realistic' than they do in a lot of other series and i think she adds her own creative spin to a lot of the creatures - like with the werewolves being the supernatural mafia and the vampires basically just having a complicated case of iron deficiency - and then auphe are basically like a wholly new creature that she just made up.

Mary C (marymaryalwayscontrary) | 4966 comments She just changed the spelling and creature a bit.

an ouphe is a small, mischievous, fairy, goblin or elf.

(according to the definitions I found online when I looked it up). The audio book narrator in Nightlife pronounced it like "oaf" and that's what led me to "ouphe". I didn't realize it was spelled with an "a" in the books until I started reading Moonlight in ebook format.

Devann (devannm) | 2702 comments ah, i've never heard of those, i'll have to look it up. although i assume they probably don't have the gating abilities her auphe have as well as some of the other stuff.

and only the narrator for book 1 pronounces it that way and i haaate it lol. the narrator for the rest of them [they changed after book 1] pronounces it like off-fey which i definitely prefer.

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Mary C (marymaryalwayscontrary) | 4966 comments My library only has the first one in audio for some reason.

I am compulsive about looking stuff up like that in series. Especially Urban Fantasy series because these authors will pull up some really obscure (well to me anyway) creatures from various folklores and cultures. Not that I mind made up stuff at all. I am always just curious as to what they made up and what I'd just never heard of before.

Devann (devannm) | 2702 comments so who is wanting to read the next book and when do you want to start? we were thinking of doing one every two weeks but i know some of you were a bit behind w/ this one so idk if you would want to start on the 15th still [or if the mods would get the thread up by then lol]

Claudia | 435 comments I’m down to read the next book. 15 works for me but I can wait for those who need to catch up

Devann (devannm) | 2702 comments i'll wait til the end of the day to what other people say, but we can always put off starting once the thread it up anyway

Cathy M. (mccathy77) | 5663 comments I just started the 1st one and am loving it! Not sure I'll be able to finish this one and the 2nd by the 15th but will try to join you by the next.

Devann (devannm) | 2702 comments i'll request it for the 20th to try to give people time to catch up. i don't think i would be done listening to long way to a small angry planet by the 15th anyway and i like the audio for these.

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