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This is our discussion of the 2019 Hugo Award "best novelette" finalist...

If at First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again” by Zen Cho
It can be read on-line at B&N Blog

This is part of our
discussion of the 2019 Hugo Award short story & novelette finalists.

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Well, this fantasy story comes from an unusual source.

Starting the story, I had no idea what an imugi was ("An earthworm with a dream,” as Byam mutters in despair. :) I'm pretty sure if I saw one flying in the sky I wouldn't say "Look, an imugi". Looking it up in Wikipedia took me to Korean Dragon. So, I get the idea from context if not strict definition.

I think Byam's story is universal, a being trying to win a promotion. And I liked it.

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Andrea | 2473 comments I did struggle to figure out where in the world this was taking place. It was clearly an Asian myth (didn't realize it was Korean), but they spent time in London and Leslie didn't seem Asian. So would some American/European look up in the sky and say "Hey look, an imugi"? Or go "Hey look a flying worm!" Or more likely "What on earth is that, some kind of alien spaceship?" :)

I pictured Byam as a kind of snake, seems she had scales, but no legs.

I did like it in spite of its geographical\cultural confusion. I suppose if one takes as a premise that both imugis and dragons are real, then maybe they would be known world over.

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