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Naughty Stories for Good Boys and Girls (Naughty Stories, #1)
SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Middle Grade/YA short story collection poss. British. [s]

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message 1: by Hillary (new)

Hillary | 3 comments Read summer of 1992; series of stories, I remember one is about a girl goes on a school field trip (to the zoo?) but also has a bag of clothes meant for charity but ends up meeting a man called Gene E. and she ends up wearing the clothes instead, then she meets up with her friends and they think the whole thing was imaginary; another one is about a younger girl who makes up her house is much grander than it really is to another girl; instead of being caught out, she brings the girl home and it's exactly as she said at the end the girl's mother comes home and asks who painted goldfish on the bathtub; possibly also in this collection a story about a girl who's a cleaning lady and she puts on the employer's bathrobe has breakfast at the table and then flashes a commuter train. I think the book was a slim softcover with white cover and maybe magenta/pink drawing on it? I borrowed the book from a friend of mine. I have been thinking about it for decades on and off.

message 2: by Sharni (new)

Sharni (sharnibear) | 63 comments Ahhh! I’ve read it! Especially the one about the girl who lies about her fancy house. Would it be one of Christopher Milne’s Naughty Stories for Good Girls and Boys books? No idea what volume - in the 90# they were published with one solid colour as the background and then with gold lettering a border.

message 3: by Sharni (new)

Sharni (sharnibear) | 63 comments There doesn’t seem to much information online about these books - but there is a collected volume of 13 volumes of his work (which might be easier to find than individual editions) Sorry I can’t link to the edition from the Goodreads app.

message 4: by Hillary (new)

Hillary | 3 comments Sharni you are a gem. These are the series. I cannot begin to thank you enough for this. It's been driving me bananas off and on for years.

message 5: by Kris (new)

Kris | 32355 comments Mod
Glad you found your book series, Hillary. Here's the link for Sharni's find - Naughty Stories series by Christopher Milne. The first book is Naughty Stories for Good Boys and Girls.

message 6: by Hillary (new)

Hillary | 3 comments Thank you so much!!

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