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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA novel about a future dystopia by Irish author. Read in 2016. Males run the show. Girls all live in an underground compound and are trained to be pleasurable to men, either as wives or as dominatrixes of sorts? [s]

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clary | 3 comments **SPOILERS!!**
Main character loses closeness with her best friend, who she later learns has been predestined to service the leader of their society, called the father or something like that. She falls in love with one of the youth buts who visits the compound during the girl’s training, and in the end is caught trying to escape with him and killed i think? or maybe made a nun (people who run the compound, can’t remember if they’re called nuns or something else) or something?

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clary | 3 comments yes!! thanks so much :)

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You're welcome! I'll move this to Solved for you.

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