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The Wind Singer (Wind on Fire, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA Series of Novels, around 2002. Status displayed by color you wear. [s]

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Cara Church | 4 comments YA series if novels, possibly dystopian but I can’t remember if they were set in an ‘alternate’ universe, or past, I originally read them around 2002 and I believe they were fairly contemporary at the time. Young woman and her family live in a society where people are categorised by status, which is displayed by the colour of clothing you are allowed the wear. The girl’s family are fairly well off so they are in ‘Orange’ as this is a bright colour but misfortune befalls them (possibly due to political activism?) and they are demoted to ‘Grey’. I remember one scene in particular, shortly after the demotion the Mum (who also happens to be a prophet?) walks into a bakery in Grey town in her Orange clothes and is met with scorn.
The family have to escape and end up on hazardous adventures. I’m really bad at this so here is a list of other things I remember about the series:

In one book there is a princess who is said to be so beautiful she has to have her face covered because anyone who looks upon her face will have their eyes put out. The young woman previously mentioned masquerades as her during an important dance so the princess can escape.

There is an army of clones I think, who chant ‘Kill’ over and over again while they look for the person they are hunting. There’s a bit in particular where the girl and her companion escape over a bridge before destroying it, only to realise the clones will just walk unto the cavern below until there are enough bodies filling it for the remaining clones to simply walk across.

I think there was an only wizard who was imprisoned in a tower by his own love of chocolate buttons??

If anyone can help at all it would be much appreciated! It’s driving me insane!

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Andria (airdna) | 2500 comments Mod
The Wind Singer definitely has the bit about chocolate buttons. It's first in a series.

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Cara Church | 4 comments That is absolutely it! Thank you so much!

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