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The Hero from Otherwhere
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA book from the 80s - two young boys who are enemies get snatched into a fantasy world and have to work as one (literally) in order to defeat the great evil force. [s]

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Alloni | 9 comments Hi! I read this book somewhere around 1980-88. In it, two young boys from our world who are enemies with very different ways of dealing with the world get snatched into another one and are expected to defeat some sort of evil force (don't remember what kind). They do this with the aid of two magic stones shaped like the halves of a yin-yang symbol. (view spoiler) Thanks!

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Andy Love | 2087 comments Hero from Otherwhere The Hero from Otherwhere

This was a favorite mine when I read it in 1980 or so.

"Two boys who are enemies at school find they must rely on each other when they are transferred to a strange world parallel to the one on earth."

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Alloni | 9 comments I think that's it! Thanks!

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Andy Love | 2087 comments Great! Glad to help.

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