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Okay, so I was in high school like, five years ago and at the school library, they had this book, and I really want to find it again, but I have no idea what it's called, or who it's by.
It was a new book when I read it, I'm pretty sure, so it's probably like, six or seven years old, it has a blue chequered tablecloth and an ice cream dish or something on the front, and I'm pretty sure the title had something to do with Charlie.
You see, in the book, there was this three to five year old boy whose name was Charlie, but before the book even began, there was an accident, and the boy was killed in a car collision.
There was something important about a park bench. There were quite a few kids in the family, like three others or something. It was written in first person, I'm pretty sure, and I'm relatively certain it was a girl who was the main character, though I don't remember her name.
I'm reasonably certain there was a scene where there was her brother or something (someone close to her) and another boy (whose name I think was Alex?) sitting in the front seat and they reached out and held hands. (I don't know. Maybe that was from another book)
Anyway, as I said before, I really want to find this book again. Please let me know if you can remember anything about it. It seems to me as though as soon as I read it, it disappeared off the face of the Earth, and even the confirmation that another living soul has read it would be a huge relief, because it would mean I didn't hallucinate one of the best books I've ever read.

It's called 'See You At Harry's'


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