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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Middle Grade Science Fiction Series- a 13 old girl lives on an alien planet where everyone gets a supernatural ability at age 13 and a crystal ball that guides them. She breaks her crystal ball and must find all the pieces.

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Claudia Rose | 4 comments Hi! This is my first time posting into this group so I’m really sorry if I do this wrong. Anyways,

This is a middle grade science fiction series comprised of books when I read it in 2010/2011/2012, but I’m sure there are more now.

They are aimed at girls, and set in a fictional planet where everyone receives a supernatural ability at the age of 13. This supernatural ability is accompanied by a big ceremony where the children receive a crystal ball that will help guided them to adulthood. The main character, who I believe had a name starting with Z (I’ll call her Z in this description), is unique because despite not being 13 yet, she had a supernatural ability already- the ability to talk to plants. She is often made fun of at school and is considered an outcast because of her uncontrollable abilities.

In the first book, Z is on the cusp of her 13th birthday. The night before the huge ceremony where she is given her crystal ball, the popular girls at her school convince her to break into the place where the crystal balls are held. Z accidentally shatters her crystal ball, and the pieces disappear.

Over the course of the series she must go on journeys and adventures, learning lessons about life along the way, to get back pieces of this crystal ball. The crystal ball pieces offer advice when she discovers them.

I don’t actually remember much about the second book, but I can describe the basic plot of the third book, too.

In the third book, Z and her parents take a vacation to what I think is a moon of her planet, to visit her cousin. Her cousin has already received her ability (telekinesis), and is a few years earlier. The cousin MIGHT be named Stella.

Stella is rebellious and frequently lies to her parents, shops, sneaks out, and acts condescending towards Z. She is a bad influence, convincing Z to sneak into a dangerous cave and lie to their parents about where they are. In the climax of the novel Z must save Stella from the cave (I think it collapses), and Stella learns a lesson. Stella becomes warmer towards Z, and Z earns another crystal ball piece.

These books were around 150 to 200 pages long. Z is on the cover of all three, and is depicted with flaming red curls. I think she is holding a crystal ball on the cover of the first book.

The text of the books are printed in purple.

Thank you so much!!


message 2: by Claudia (new)

Claudia Rose | 4 comments I FOUND IT!! It's called Zenda and the Gazing ball!!

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