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UNSOLVED: One specific book > autobiography; near death experience; inventor of puffy paint

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Miriam Williams | 3 comments I first read this book in 2000 on vacation. The publication date is likely a bit earlier. Non-fiction.
The hardcover book is about 15" x 9". Jacket art is ghostlike figures and is dimensional (raised on the surface). I recall a blue background (?). The author experiences an accident and a "nde", near-death experience where he goes out of his body and meets some kind of angel-like "beings" (that's what he calls them). It is a profound experience for him. After returning to his body, he has an inexplicable urge to paint. He isn't an artist, but he is obsessed with the need to find a certain kind of paint. Nothing he buys is satisfactory, but he keeps trying. A happy accident happens one day when paint he's left mixes with something else (?) and amazingly, this is exactly the stuff he's been looking for! He goes on to create numerous large paintings of what he'd seen during his "o.o.b.e.". After some time, someone thinks they are unique and some are displayed in a hospital. One floor is where blind ppl are treated (?). One blind person somehow is drawn to touch the painting. Since it's dimensional, s/he can experience this unique art form! This seems to be the author/artist's purpose in life, now.

When I got back from vacation, I found the book at the public library.

I've tried various search terms (many different times) to find the "creator of puff paint"; "origin of puffy paint"; "history of puff paint"; etc., but all I get is retail ads for puffy paint!
Thanks in advance for replies.

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Kate Farrell | 4072 comments Mod
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