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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Fantasy novel - 2 sisters, older a widow spins linen into wire. [s]

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Wendy (wenz_nz) | 2 comments I think I read this in 2017 or before. it's a fantasy novel where two sisters with a widowed father. The younger is in love with a handsome young man. The sisters go with him to his family home (a remote place) not knowing he is under a curse. When stressed the older sister (a widow) spins linen into wire (instead of linen thead). The father (of the young man) has been cursed by his dead wife and is slowly turning into a monster. There are thorny roses.

Aerulan | 1180 comments Entreat Me by Grace Draven.

Wendy (wenz_nz) | 2 comments Thank you! that's it :)

Aerulan | 1180 comments Wendy wrote: "Thank you! that's it :)"

You're welcome!

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