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message 1: by Stephen (new)

Stephen A. Davis | 3 comments Hey everybody!

I’m Stephen; new to the group (which is a fantastic idea bye, so kudos) looking to submit my book for review. If anybody is interested, drop me your email and I’ll send over a PDF of the manuscript.

Looking forward to getting to know you all!

God bless

About the Book

'The Kingdom, The Body, The Bride and The Tabernacle' holds the mirror of
God's word up to the Church and asks, is this what Jesus died for?

The Kingdom of God is the world as God intended. The Church is meant to be
the expression of that Kingdom rule, but few of us understand what the
Kingdom is. The traditions and frameworks through which we filter the
Bible have bound the Bride from living as a renewed humanity under the
sovereign rule of King Jesus. Whilst we speak of "church" as a family, a
community and a people, it functions as an event, an organisation and a
building. This is because we've lost sight of the historical narrative
that flows from Genesis through to Revelation. God made man to live
alongside Him and rule the earth on His behalf, spreading His creativity
throughout the cosmos. Man had spiritual rivals in the heavens called 'The
Divine Council' who sought to instigate man's rebellion and claim the
Kingdom for themselves. The book explores how those rivals became the gods
of the nations, how God raised up Israel to be a light to those nations,
how Jesus succeeded where Israel failed and how the Good News was about
King Jesus defeating those heavenly rebels so that all nations could be
reconciled to Him.

The Kingdom, The Body, The Bride and The Tabernacle

message 2: by Dee (new)

Dee Farrell (goodreadscomdee_deefarrell) | 18 comments Hi Stephen! I'd be happy to review your book.

Would you be interested in exchanging reviews? The book I'm interested in getting reviews for is on Goodreads here:
I would send you a pdf.

Dee Farrell

message 3: by Stephen (new)

Stephen A. Davis | 3 comments Hey Dee,

Thank you for responding!

Sure thing, I’ll email it over and you can send me the PDF back.

message 4: by Sandyinlargo (new)

Sandyinlargo Hi Stephen!
Interested in exchanging yet another review? I'm looking to get reviews for is this one:

It is written by my husband and is a short read. If you're interested, we can either exchange pdfs or check them out on KU. When I'm reviewing for other authors, if possible, I'll get the KU version. That way, it easier for me to submit the reviews on Amazon and Goodreads at the same time.

message 5: by Stephen (new)

Stephen A. Davis | 3 comments Sure thing Sandy, just send it to

And yeah, if Kindle Unlimited works best for you go for it :)

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